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The BOSS BIC-25A 7.5 m instrument cable is the perfect solution for any musician seeking premium connectivity. This 25' instrument cable is equipped with top-of-the-line 1/4" straight and right-angle 24k gold-plated connectors to provide crystal-clear signal transfer between your instrument and amplifier. The cable is fashioned from oxygen-free copper conductors and a special low-capacitance dielectric material to preserve your tone with no loss of high-end frequencies or introduction of unwanted noise. Its durable PVC jacket is resistant to kinks and abrasions to ensure many years of reliable use on stage and in the studio. The BOSS BIC-25A 7.5 m instrument cable delivers uncompromising performance for the discerning player.

Pure Tone, Zero Noise

The BIC-25A instrument cable is engineered to transmit your instrument's natural sound without coloration using high-purity copper core conductors and minimal capacitance. Its innovative dielectric insulation prevents the absorption and dispersion of high frequencies, allowing all the nuances of your playing to shine through. Overall low impedance and efficiently-shielded construction ward off unwanted buzzes, hums and RF interference for a transparent connection.

Roadworthy and Built to Last

While this instrument cable offers uncompromising performance, it is also designed with the rigors of live performance and transportation in mind. Its durable PVC jacket can withstand repeated coiling, uncoiling and foot traffic without cracking or fraying. Recessed 1/4" connectors provide secure connections and feature a strain relief design to prevent cable pullout. The 24k gold plate on the connectors is resistant to corrosion and a great conduit for signal flow. Overall flexible and lightweight construction makes the BIC-25A ideal for use in any venue or studio environment.

Convenient Angled and Straight Connectors

This instrument cable comes equipped with a right-angle connector for your instrument and a straight connector for your amplifier or pedalboard to facilitate neat, clutter-free setups. The angled connector allows you to plug into your guitar or bass at a 90-degree angle, reducing torsional stress on the cable and input jack. Overall, the BIC-25A instrument cable's intelligently designed connectors offer maximum versatility and convenience for players of all styles.

BOSS BIC-25A 7.5 m Instrument Cable, Angled/Straight 1/4" Jack 25 ft. Black
BOSS BIC-25A 7.5 m Instrument Cable, Angled/Straight 1/4" Jack 25 ft. Black
BOSS BIC-25A 7.5 m Instrument Cable, Angled/Straight 1/4" Jack 25 ft. Black

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  • Custom 1/4" connectors with 24K gold-plated contacts
  • Heavy-duty braided shielding for quiet operation and durability
  • Woven outer jacket for flexibility and additional durability
  • Lifetime guarantee

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