The lessons in The Ultimate Beginners Series (UBS) get aspiring musicians started immediately with classic rock and blues riffs, chord patterns, and more. For the first time ever, the UBS Keyboard Basics and the Rock and Blues Keyboard books are combined in one complete book and DVD set, giving you tons of lesson material to work with.

You'll learn how to play basic chords, arpeggios, major and minor scales, melodies by ear, and improvisations while creating rock voicings, arranging parts, playing 12-bar blues progressions, shuffle patterns, triplets, inversions, turnarounds, blues scales and licks, and basic soloing techniques. Follow along with 4 hours of keyboard tutorials on DVD and 3 hours of audio tracks, with the help of on-screen graphics and printed diagrams.
  • Four hours of piano instruction on DVD
  • Teaches how to read notation/sheet music
  • Teaches scales, chords, and arpreggios
  • Teaches how to play the 12-bar blues progression
  • Explores rock and blues piano soloing techniques
  • Teaches you how to arrange your own keyboard parts
  • Authors: Debbie Cavalier, Larry Steelman, Henry Brewer, and David Garfield
  • Series: The Ultimate Beginner Series
  • ISBN 10: 0739056131
  • ISBN 13: 9780739056134