These are the sticks that Slipknot's acrobatic drummer Joey Jordison uses. Ahead's polyurethane covers make this stick more durable than wood sticks and extra resilient for extended bash sessions. Built-in Vibration Reduction System (VRS) allows you to play more comfortably for longer durations. Super high-impact nylon tips are replaceable. Feel what Joey feels when he's tying-up those Slipknot grooves. .540" diameter, .030" wall, medium taper, 15-11/16" long.
  • Hyper-Form Engineered swaging process for a longer lifespan
  • 50% less shock than wood drum sticks
  • Last 6 to 10 times longer than wood drum sticks
  • 5% more rebound than wood drum sticks
  • High-precision alloy core guarantees consistent weight and balance variations of less that 1%
  • Replaceable covers, tips and rings
  • High-quality, unbreakable nylon tip provides a softer, wood-like sound
  • Super-hard polyurethane replaceable covers protect your drum sticks and your gear
  • Ergonomically tuned handles
  • Built-in Vibration Control System (VRS)
  • Limited 60-day warranty
  • Made in USA
  • Category: Classic
  • Length: 15.69"
  • Diameter: 0.54"
  • Wall thickness: 0.03"
  • Weight: 52 g
  • Taper: Medium
  • Cover: MT
  • Cover options: MTS, MTW, WMT
  • Tip: 5AT
  • Tip type: ST801
  • Tip options: 5AS, 5AB, 5ATB
  • Blend ring: RGB5A
  • Optional mallet head: Yes

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