The Adams Endurance Field Frame was designed specifically with the demands of outdoor performance in mind, offering extra large locking precision wheels and sturdy oversized tube construction. The Endurance Frame easily navigates through rough, uneven outdoor terrain and still can be perfectly suited to indoor concert events as well. Both ends of the Endurance Frame feature the Adams height adjustment system, allowing you to adjust the playing height of the instrument to fit any size player. An accessory bar runs the full length of the frame allowing you to add drums, bells, cymbals, and virtually any instrument that can be mounted using a standard hardware mount. This creates a multi-instrument percussion set-up that can easily expand as your needs change. The Adams accessory bar is completely square, providing a slip free mounting surface that will not creep or rotate even under extremely heavy loads. A variety of clamps and attachments will work on the Adams Field Endurance Frame. 150cm. crossbars.
  • Extra large locking precision wheels
  • Sturdy oversized tube construction
  • Adams height adjustment system
  • Full length of the frame accessory bar