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The Importance of Monitor Placement | Mounting the S Series from ADAM Audioplay button

The Importance of Monitor Placement | Mounting the S Series from ADAM Audio

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In the Studio with Take a Daytrip

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Breaking down Kanye West's "WAVES" with Hudson Mohawke

The ADAM Audio S Series in Dolby Atmosplay button

The ADAM Audio S Series in Dolby Atmos

ADAM Audio

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The ADAM S3H Dual 7" is a midfield monitor with four separate transducers in three formats; it starts with dual 7" bass drivers, each of which is powered by its own 500W Class-D amplifier. Bass frequencies are the most power-hungry parts of your mix, so sharing a thousand watts between these two top-quality drivers ensures distortion-free low end. Its specification of 30Hz is an astonishing accomplishment for a monitor speaker this size.

ADAM Audio’s DCH 4" hybrid dome/cone mid-range driver is located in the center of the speaker box, and handles all of the frequencies between 250Hz and 3kHz, and is powered by a 300-watt Class-D amplifier. Everything above 3k is passed to the S-ART treble driver, probably the most recognizable feature of ADAM monitors. Each S-ART driver is handcrafted at the ADAM factory in Berlin, and represents one of ADAM’s many groundbreaking innovations. The S-SRT is housed in ADAM’s new HPS waveguide, and derives its energy from a fourth source of dedicated power, this one a 50-wattA/B amplifier.

The S Series’ DSP optimizes loudspeaker crossovers to create linear responses and provides user equalization and in-room tuning/voicing functions as well. Tune your room, tune your monitors and your mixes come alive. A good place to start with the S3H is the factory preset that emulates ADAM Audio’s legendary S3A monitor. You may just leave it there, or you may find room attributes and personal preferences to lead you away from there, but again, it’s a great place to start. The DSP also handles limiter-based high-frequency driver protection and processes signals from the AES3 digital inputs. Software updates can be carried out with ease via the associated USB port, which also allows users to connect computers and control the speakers’ DSP functions.

With its powerful amplification and three-way design (optimally configured for use horizontally), the S3H was conceived as a midfield monitor, but can be employed equally well in more compact listening environments. As with all ADAM Audio designs, the sound is punchy but musical, with crystal-clear mid-range reproduction.

Its wide-ranging frequency response and plentiful headroom should appeal to any audio professional looking for a standalone, full-frequency active solution for their recording studio, one that provides detailed audio information at any volume setting. Whatever your preferred output level, the S3H’s vibrant authenticity is a spur to creativity for producers, engineers and musicians everywhere, and its sound is unfatiguing, even when working uninterrupted for extended periods.

collapse expand iconFeatures

  • Four separate amplifiers, 1,350 watts total
  • Four separate output transducers
  • Three-way crossover system
  • Tunable with factory presets
  • 30Hz low frequency reproduction
  • Crystal-clear midrange
  • Innovative high-end design
  • Meticulous build quality

collapse expand iconSpecs

  • Size: Midfield
  • System type: Active
  • Configuration: 3-way
  • Low-frequency driver: 7"
  • Mid-frequency driver: Not applicable
  • High-frequency driver: S-ART
  • Full-range driver: Not applicable
  • Driver type: HF Driver
  • Frequency response: 30Hz–5kHz
  • Max peak SPL: >126dB
  • Amplifier class: D. A/B
  • Output power: 1,350W (total)
Onboard Features
  • Input connectors: XLR, AES3
  • Standby mode: Yes
  • Acoustic space control: 6 PEQs, 5 Presets, L/H
  • Power indicator: Yes
  • Width: 23"
  • Height: 11"
  • Depth: 15"
  • Weight: 58.6 lb.
  • Enclosure type: Sealed

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