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ADAM Audio A Series | Limited Edition in Arctic Whiteplay button

ADAM Audio A Series | Limited Edition in Arctic White

ADAM Audio

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The A7V studio monitor pair from ADAM Audio represents an evolution in precision sound, blending technological innovations with a sleek new finish. Hybrid amplification further optimizes the A7V performance, while sophisticated DSP-based controls let you fine tune its response for your exact mixing needs and room acoustics. For mixing and mastering that demands honesty, the A7V monitors come in a limited edition arctic white color and brings out the best in your music.

Hear Every Nuance

The A7V is equipped with ADAM Audio's innovative rotatable HPS (high frequency propagation system) waveguide technology surrounding its remarkable X-ART tweeter. The HPS waveguide allows you to position the A7V tweeter horizontally or vertically while maintaining controlled dispersion and precision imaging. Handmade in Germany from premium materials, the X-ART tweeter at its heart reproduces the finest details with remarkable transient response. The HPS waveguide itself is constructed from an acoustically inert glass fiber polymer compound for pristine high frequency reproduction.

Experience Tight, Clean Bass

Providing the solid low frequency foundation of the A7V is a cutting-edge 7" multi-layer mineral fiber woofer. The unique composite mineral material is extremely lightweight yet rigid, effectively eliminating distortion. This allows the woofer to deliver impactful bass, rich in detail and dynamics. Its geometry, composition and layered design are optimized for the specific driver size used in the A7V. Coupled with a powerful magnet system, the mineral fiber woofer generates impressive output while maintaining accuracy.

Hybrid Amplification Balances Digital Efficiency and Analog Musicality

To get the most from its advanced driver components, the A7V employs a hybrid amplification approach. The mineral fiber woofer is powered by a Class-D amplifier that provides energy efficient, low distortion performance. Class AB amplification drives the tweeter, for smooth, refined high frequency reproduction. Optimizing the amplification for each driver's specific range allows them to work together seamlessly. Extensive listening tests during development resulted in a finely tuned system with impressive output capabilities.

Take Complete Control

As a modern studio monitor, the A7V offers sophisticated DSP-based controls to get the most from its components. Proprietary ADAM room adaptation filters compensate for bass buildup and other acoustic issues caused by your room. Voicing presets allow you to choose between an honest, analytical response or a musical, engaging character. For deep integration, ADAM's A Control software enables real-time EQ, delay and level adjustments. An embedded platform even supports advanced room correction filters from Sonarworks, for detailed acoustic analysis.

Hear the Details With Smarter Cabinet Design

The carefully constructed cabinet of the A7V minimizes diffraction and unwanted resonances that can color its sound. Thick baffle walls reduce vibrations, while beveled edges provide a smooth transition to the room. Ports are flared to optimize airflow and bass response. Every detail of the A7V pair elegant design serves the accuracy of its monitoring capabilities. Trust it to give you an honest, insightful representation of your mix or master.

ADAM Audio A7V 7" 2-Way Powered Studio Monitor (Pair) - Limited White
ADAM Audio A7V 7" 2-Way Powered Studio Monitor (Pair) - Limited White
ADAM Audio A7V 7" 2-Way Powered Studio Monitor (Pair) - Limited White

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  • Bi-amp design: Class-AB amp for lows, Class-D amp for highs
  • 7" woofer for balanced frequency response
  • Multiple inputs: XLR, 1/4", RCA
  • Adjustable volume, crossover, EQ for room tuning

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