The Blue Devils Percussion Staff has collaborated with Promark in designing these System Blue drum sticks from scratch. Whether you want loud, projected, produced by articulated rhythms or subtle, clear passages to complement your ensemble, System Blue has the right stick for you.

Designed by legendary instructor Scott Johnson the DC27W "Scooter" provides a unique half-tip design for precise articulation across indoor or outdoor settings. These sticks feature a 100% hickory construction, a medium taper and a half-barrel tip.
Quantity & Sizing (Pairs)
  • Quantity: 1
  • Type: Sticks
  • Drumstick Size: Custom
  • Diameter: 0.685"
  • Length: 16-3/4"
Construction & Features
  • Material: Hickory
  • Drumstick Tip: Wood
  • Tip Shape: Barrel
  • Taper: Medium
  • Finish: Lacquer
  • Country of Origin: United States
  • Grip Material: No