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TH3 Metal Collection includes 80 presets designed to recreate the tone of your favorite Metal artists with just one click. Whether you are into classic Hard Rock, Extreme Metal or anything in between, TH3 Metal collection will take you to tone heaven without having to carry the gear.

Flexible Sound Chain 
Unleash your creativity with the TH3 flexible sound chain. You can create any rig setup without the limitation of prefixed routing paths. The brand new zoom function allows you to choose your preferred view of the sounchain. You can see the overview of your setup and control any parameter with just one click. Enlarge the models more than 100% to have a better view on live applications. 

Intelligent MIDI Setup 
Setting up a MIDI floorboard is as easy as clicking an element on the TH3 Rock Collection interface and pressing the corresponding pedal in the MIDI floorboard. The TH3 Rock Collection learns the MIDI connection to any preset automatically. Gigs have never been so easy with the TH3 Rock Collection.

3D Cabinet Simulation 
The TH3 Rock Collection offers a matrix of four microphones which can be placed anywhere in the 3D space in front and even behind the cabinet. Just drag a microphone and place it anywhere you want. Change the relative distance between microphones to obtain creative phasing effects, just like you would when miking a real cabinet. You get six different room types to select from. The ReSPiRe 2 technology allows you to choose between the real response of the cabinet and a processed version optimized to fit into a mix and avoid frequencies overlap with other instruments. On bass cabinets, you have a separate control over the woofer and the tweeter levels.
Overloud TH3 Metal Collection
Overloud TH3 Metal Collection
Overloud TH3 Metal Collection

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  • Randal and Brunetti authorized modeling
  • 12 guitar amplifiers selected for Metal
  • 12 guitar cabinets selected for Metal
  • 16 pedal and rack effects
  • 18 microphone models, with up to four mics on each cabinet

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