Pearl’s original PowerShifter Eliminator revolutionized the drum hardware industry, bringing new levels of flexibility to high-end kick pedals. The patented Interchangeable Cam System introduced near-total freedom of modification for personalized feel, power and speed, and the PowerShifter doubled down on tunability with an adjustable footboard. Now, with the Eliminator Redline double pedal, Pearl has taken the next step. Combining the endless adjustment from the original Eliminator with a host of new features, including lightning-fast bearings from Pearl’s Demon series pedals, the Redline is the ultimate fusion of customization and speed.

Pearl Eliminator Redline double kick pedal with NiNja skateboard bearings, adjustable PowerShift footboards and Rotor Tension Cradle springs

Eliminator leaps forward with skateboard bearings and new rolling cradles

At the heart of these Eliminator Redline double kick pedals are the NiNja ball bearings, originally designed for skateboarders and proven in Pearl’s ultra-quick Demon series double pedals. These bearings incorporate state-of-the art steel balls that are micro-polished and sorted for incredibly fast and smooth performance. And thanks to the new Rotor Tension Cradle, you can adjust the spring tension on each pedal to the perfect amount of firmness, then lock them securely in place. The rolling cradles pivot with each stroke, staying out of your way and ensuring that you get the exact amount of resistance you want—no more, no less.

Pearl Eliminator Redline double bass drum pedals with Interchangeable Cam System, including four cams each, color-coded by action

Choose the perfect cams to Redline your speed—and change them any time

The original Eliminator pedals introduced the Interchangeable Cam System, and the Redline pedals have preserved this feature as a hallmark of the series. The system allows drummers to switch effortlessly between the four included cam types, color-coded by action—linear, oversized linear, progressive and radical progressive. Optional “aggressive” and “inverse” cams are sold separately. Whether you’re looking for perfect balance, lightweight sensitivity or a powerful, heavy-footed stomp, the Eliminator Redline has the cam for you. And if you change your mind, just push a single button, remove the cam and snap on a new one. You can even mix and match the cams on the main and remote pedals to get your preferred feel for each foot.

Pearl Eliminator Redline double kick pedal with PowerShifter adjustable footboards, roller hoop clamp, zero-play hinges and reversible grips

Adjust your throttle with the PowerShifter footboard system

By moving the footboard forward or back, the PowerShifter function provides three positions to fine-tune the feel of each pedal. Changing the drive angle fundamentally alters the leverage of the footboard, creating a light, regular or strong feel. The proprietary “zero-play” stainless steel hinges are solid and extremely durable, allowing your feet to lean into the pedals for powerful, intricate double bass patterns without any wobble between the heel and board. And there won’t be any give on the front of the main pedal, either, thanks to the roller hoop clamp, designed to create a firm attachment to bass drum hoops of all sizes.

Pearl QuadBeater bass drum beater with Control Core elastomer center, adjusted with uni-lock beater angle cams

Thoughtful beater design offers four surfaces and infinite angles

With a reduced profile and distinictive red stripe, Pearl’s improved QuadBeater still provides the four beater surfaces you expect from the well-recognized original—two hard plastic sides, two felt, each in two different shapes. But to cut down on unwanted vibration, Pearl added a Control Core elastomer center. And once you choose a surface, you can adjust the beater angles with nearly infinite precision due to the uni-lock cam designs, which grip the axles 360 degrees. Combine this feature with the removable cams, PowerShifter footboards and locking spring adjustments, and you’ll have a double pedal fine-tuned to your preferences—and uniquely your own.

  • Dual-chain drives
  • NiNjA bearings
  • Click-lock spring adjustment
  • Interchangeable cams
  • Control core beaters
  • PowerShifter function
  • Uni-Lock beater angle cams
  • Zero play-hinges
  • Independent traction grips
  • Roller hoop clamp
  • Includes carry bag

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