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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • I am looking for an all-tube amp that has a headphone jack.

    Unfortunately, all-tube amps cannot have a headphone output. The type of output transformer (the device that sends the signal from the amp to the speaker) needed for an all-tube am
    Date Updated: 07 May 2016
  • Can I turn my acoustic kit into an electronic kit?

    Yes. You can modify your acoustic kit to be electric. Many different manufacturers make acoustic triggers that you can hook up to a drum module and sample the assigned sound. For e
    Date Updated: 07 May 2016
  • How do I use my computer to lay down sampled drum tracks?

    Not everybody has access to a hot drummer. Fortunately, there are some great programs available for laying down your drum tracks. Here are some general tips to keep in mind when us
    Date Updated: 07 May 2016
  • What are Phase Shifters & Flangers?

    Phase shifters (or phasers) and flangers get their sound by creating one or more notches in the signal's frequency. The notches are created by filtering the signal, and mixing the
    Date Updated: 07 May 2016
  • What do I need to record a CD with my computer?

    We can list only the most basic components here. The following items can get you started. First, of course, you need a computer and a CD Burning program. There are a number of good
    Date Updated: 07 May 2016
  • What is a "shielded" cable?

    Coaxial cables (such as instrument cables) consist of a center conductor wire surrounded by a shield, typically made out of braided copper. The copper shield acts as the return con
    Date Updated: 07 May 2016
  • What is a Baritone Guitar?

    A Baritone Guitar is a six-string guitar with each string tuned down 5 half steps. As a result, the strings are as follows (low to high): B - E - A - D - F# - b Baritone guitars ty
    Date Updated: 07 May 2016
  • What is a Closeout?

    Closeouts are new, unused, undamaged items that we are discontinuing for one reason or another, or that were offered to us in a lot for a price we couldn't pass up.
    Date Updated: 07 May 2016
  • What is a Crossover?

    A crossover is a frequency divider. Crossovers are used to route the various frequency ranges to the appropriate speakers. A 3-way crossover divides the audio spectrum into three f
    Date Updated: 07 May 2016
  • What is a Delay?

    Delay is one of the simplest effects out there and one of the most valuable. A little delay can bring life to dull mixes, widen your instrument's sound, and even allow you to solo
    Date Updated: 07 May 2016

Showing 71-80 of 236

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