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Roland Fantom | Overview and Demonstration

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FANTOM Overview

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The Roland FANTOM-8 Music Workstation Keyboard is the complete musical ecosystem for inspired creation and expressive playing. Featuring Roland's acclaimed 88-note PHA-50 progressive hammer-action keybed, the FANTOM-8's seamless workflow and expandable ZEN-Core sound engine open up infinite possibilities for crafting electronic, acoustic, and hybrid sounds. The onboard 16x3 stereo audio interface, clip based sequencer, and pattern recorder provide a rapid production environment with deep DAW integration.

ZEN-Core Sound Engine

The FANTOM-8's flexible ZEN-Core sound engine combines multiple synthesis and sampling technologies for authentic recreations of classics and innovative new tones. Four partials can be stacked per tone, and up to 16 tones per scene, for massive layers, splits, and sequenced parts. V-Piano technology provides stunningly realistic pianos with fine tuning capabilities, giving you control of highly detailed nuances. Expandable with new sounds and capabilities, the ZEN-Core engine is the heart of the FANTOM-8's creative vitality.

Premium 88-Note Keyboard

The FANTOM-8 features Roland's acclaimed PHA-50 progressive hammer action keybed with aftertouch for a premium playing experience. With a familiar, comfortable feel, the PHA-50 allows for expression and fluid playability across the extended 88-note range. The FANTOM-8's keyboard inspires creativity, as your ideas flow unimpeded from imagination to reality.

Complete Production Suite

A powerhouse for rapid creation, the FANTOM-8 offers a clip-based sequencer, pattern recorder, and multiple real time recording options. Easily build tracks by triggering and arranging clips that contain musical patterns. The pattern sequencer is ideal for programming rhythmic parts in a TR-REC workflow. Record in real time or via step input, then refine your work with piano roll editing. Finish tracks in your DAW—the FANTOM-8 is a high quality 16x3 stereo audio interface with deep software integration.

Unparalleled Connectivity

Despite its self contained prowess, the FANTOM-8's capabilities expand exponentially when connected to other gear. It functions as a 16x3 stereo audio interface and can control DAWs directly. Send and receive MIDI data through its ports, or connect USB controllers to its three USB ports. Analog synthesizers and modular systems can be driven via the FANTOM-8's dual CV/Gate outputs. For the modern creator, connectivity is key—and the FANTOM-8 delivers.

Open Box Roland FANTOM-8 Music Workstation Keyboard Level 1
Open Box Roland FANTOM-8 Music Workstation Keyboard Level 1
Open Box Roland FANTOM-8 Music Workstation Keyboard Level 1

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This includes the Firmware 2.5 update.

collapse expand iconSpecs

  • FANTOM-8: 88 Keys (PHA-50 Wood and Plastic Hybrid Structure, with Escapement and Ebony/Ivory Feel, channel aftertouch)
Sound Generator
  • ZEN-Core
  • V-Piano Technology
  • 16 Zones (Internal + External)
  • 128 Scenes x 4 Bank
  • Over 3,500 Tones
  • Over 90 Drum kits
  • Multi-Effects: 16 systems, 90 types
  • Part EQ: 16 systems
  • Drum Part COMP: 6 systems
  • Insertion Effect: 2 System, 90 Type
  • Chorus: 8 types
  • Reverb: 6 types
  • Master Compressor
  • Master EQ
  • Mic Input Reverb: 6 types
Analog Filter
  • Type: LPF1/LPF2/LPF3/HPF/BPF/Bypass
  • Drive
  • Amp
  • MIDI Tracks: 16 (Internal/External)
  • Group:16
  • Pattern: 8 (per each Track)
  • Pattern Length: 32 mesures
  • Recording Method: Real-time recording, Step recording, TR-REC
    PAD Sampler
    • Format: 16-bit linear, 44.1/48kHz, WAV/AIFF import supported
    • Maximum Polyphony: 8
    • Number of Samples: 16 Pads x 4 Banks
    Rhythm PatternArpeggiatorChord MemoryControllers
    • Pitch Bend/Modulation Lever
    • Assignable Switch x 2 (S1/S2)
    • Control Knob x 8
    • Slider x 8
    • USB Audio Slider
    • Wheel x 2
    • Function Knob x 6
    • Sound Modified Knob x 11
    • 4 x 4 Pad
    • Graphic Type, 7", Wide VGA (800 x 480 dots), backlit LCD (Color/Touchscreen)
    • Headphones Jack: Stereo 1/4" phone type
    • MAIN OUT Jacks (L/MONO, R) (1/4" phone type)
    • MAIN OUT Jacks (L, R) (XLR type)
    • SUB OUT1 Jacks (L, R) (1/4" phone type)
    • SUB OUT2 Jacks (L, R) (1/4" phone type)
    • ANALOG OUTPUT Jacks (1,2) (1/4" phone type)
    • Mic/Line Input Jacks: (1,2) (1/4" phone type/XLR type)
    • 2 x CV OUT, 2 x GATE OUT
    • MIDI connectors (IN, OUT 1, OUT 2/THRU)
    • USB MEMORY Port
    • 3 x External Device Port
    Power Supply
    • AC 117-240V 50/60Hz
    Power Consumption
    • 50W
    • FANTOM-8 (WxDxH): 1,432 x 439 x 153 mm, 56-7/16" x 17-5/16" x 6-1/16"
    • FANTOM-8: 61 lb. 2 oz.
    • Owner's manual
    • Power Cord

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