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Eb Cornets

The bright sound and unique tonal character of an Eb cornet is essential to the sound of countless British-style bands. Also known as a soprano cornet, its ease in the upper register makes it ideal for playing more complex parts which is why today's models are crafted carefully by brass instrument experts. If you're thinking about rewarding yourself with a new Eb cornet, this is definitely the section for you. The Eb cornets here are from some of the most respected names in brass instrument manufacturing, including Getzen and Kanstul - so any choice you make will be a great one.

So which Eb cornet should you start your search with? That's up to you, but the Getzen 3892 Custom Series Eb Cornet is certainly no slouch. The incredible response and rich tone of the 3892 is the result of a .460" bore and a 4.75" seamless copper bell. Additionally, its two mouthpipes offer you a choice of a bright "American" cornet sound and a dark "British" band sound. This pro-level beauty also comes with a mouthpiece and durable case, overall making this option a near steal given its generous price tag.

Another model that deserves you consideration is the Kanstul 1536 Series Eb Cornet. Available in your choice of a silver or lacquer finish, this Eb cornet boasts .453" bore, a 4.75" yellow brass bell and a double Shepherd's crook design. All of these features come together for a horn that delivers a warm, rounded sound, is extremely responsive, easy to blow and looks downright stunning.

By now it's probably obvious that finding a high-quality Eb cornet is as simple as sticking to this catalog. Honestly, any one of the Eb cornets here are capable of making your performance shine, so feel free to jump into your options and make a decision whenever you're ready. Before you know it, you'll be on stage impressing audiences with your new Eb cornet, and surely making new fans in the process.