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Cornet Mouthpieces

Every cornet player dreams of one day finding the ideal mouthpiece that makes high notes a cinch to play and sounds incredible in every register. If this sounds like you, then your search might be over. In fact, this section is packed with cornet mouthpieces from the most trusted brass instrument mouthpiece manufacturers, including Bach, Denis Wick and Bob Reeves. The simple fact is that your cornet's sound and playability strongly depends on the cornet mouthpiece you go with - but after a little time in this catalog, you can be confident the first choice you make is the right one.

The first thing you'll discover during your search for the perfect mouthpiece is that a wide range of styles are available. Since every cornetist has a different playing technique and embouchure, there really is no right or wrong mouthpiece, and your best bet is to try different types to see which one is best for you. Need a suggestion? Start your search with a top seller like the Yamaha David King cornet mouthpiece. Featuring a silver finish with a deep cup and a big throat, this cornet produces a rich and dark tone that will please any serious cornet player.

Another popular seller is the Asymmetric Virtuoso Cornet Mouthpiece. If a mouthpiece that's easier to play in the higher register is what you're after, then this is the mouthpiece for you. It boasts a deep flugel-like cup and an enlarged throat and backbore - the result is a huge sound that's ideal for British-style Brass Bands. Or, take a look at the Bach Standard Series Cornet Mouthpieces in Gold. Each of these mouthpieces are based on the original Vincent Bach design and offer players amazing volume and intonation and ease of response.

As you can see, whether you play in a brass band, concert band or jazz ensemble, finding a cornet mouthpiece that matches your tastes and musical application is as simple as sticking to this section. Just take your time browsing your options, and before you know it, you'll be on stage delivering the cornet performance of a lifetime.