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Celebrating 400 Years | Zildjian

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Zildjian ALCHEM-E Series Electronic Drum Kits


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The flagship Zildjian ALCHEM-E Gold EX electronic drum kit represents a new frontier in e-drumming from the world’s oldest cymbal makers. This groundbreaking e-kit seamlessly blends authentic acoustic feel with limitless electronic versatility, providing an experience as immersive as it is inspiring. Whether you’re an aspiring drummer looking to elevate your skills or a seasoned pro seeking uncompromising authenticity, the Gold EX has you covered.

Zildjian ALCHEM-E Gold EX Wood Shells

Full-Size Configuration and Real Wood Shells

The Zildjian ALCHEM-E Gold EX delivers the satisfying physical presence of a full-depth, full-diameter acoustic kit, with all of the practicality and versatility of an electronic one. Its “two-up, one-down” configuration features full-size, 7-ply North American maple shells—a 14x5" snare, 10x7" and 12x7" toms, a 14x12" floor tom and a 20x14" bass drum. Each drum is outfitted with three zones for head, rimshot and rim triggering, allowing your playing nuances to translate with stunning realism. The reflective black-gold metallic finish gives the Gold EX a modern look that shimmers under stage lights and looks dignified in the studio.

Zildjian ALCHEM-E Gold EX E-FAMILY Cymbals

Revolutionary E-FAMILY Cymbals With Acoustic Feel

The Gold EX’s star attraction is the groundbreaking Zildjian E-FAMILY cymbal array, consisting of 14" hi-hats, a 16" crash, an 18" crash ride and 20" ride. Informed by 400 years of Zildjian metal-smithing mastery and decades of electronic percussion expertise, the E-FAMILY cymbals perfectly capture the feel, dynamics, nuances and even aesthetics of their acoustic counterparts. From the first stroke, you’ll experience the same shimmer, swell and decay as an acoustic cymbal, with unparalleled triggering accuracy. The proprietary Zildjian Trigger System ensures every articulation translates seamlessly, whether you’re pedaling the hi-hat, crashing with force or riding the bell. It’s complete with 3-zone playability and 360° touch choking.

Zildjian ALCHEM-E Gold EX E-VAULT Sound Module

Expansive E-VAULT Sound Library

Powering the Gold EX’s authentic voice is the Zildjian E-VAULT (ZEV1) sound module. This advanced brain houses a meticulously sampled library of drums, cymbals and percussion from the iconic Zildjian catalog—past, present and future. Using the intuitive 5" color touchscreen, you can mix and match components to construct your dream kit, from vintage A Zildjian rides to modern K Sweet crashes. The E-VAULT’s ergonomic layout and premium sounds fully immerse you in the playing experience, while offering unfettered access to the Zildjian cymbal collection spanning four centuries.

Zildjian ALCHEM-E Gold EX Realistic Triggering

Unparalleled Expression Through Superior Triggering

The Gold EX e-kit gets its ultraresponsive feel through an innovative triggering configuration from Zildjian. This proprietary system sets a new standard for capturing every ghost note, flam and subtle articulation with jaw-dropping accuracy. You’ll be able to fully express your technique and musicality without compromise, from delicate ghosted snare work to thunderous, polyrhythmic bass drum patterns and choked cymbal accents. The Gold EX translates the most nuanced playing with stunning realism.

For drummers seeking the ultimate fusion of acoustic authenticity and modern versatility, the Zildjian ALCHEM-E Gold EX electronic drum kit represents a true breakthrough. With its impeccable triggering, expansive sound options and revolutionary cymbal design, this e-kit delivers an immersive electronic drumming experience worthy of the legendary Zildjian name. Unlock a new realm of expression with the ALCHEM-E Gold EX—it’s available to try at select Guitar Center locations today.

*Hi-Hat stand, bass drum pedal, snare drum stand, and drum throne sold separately

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  • Revolutionary E-FAMILY cymbals: 14" hi-hats, 16" and 18" crash, and 20" ride
  • Zildjian E-VAULT (ZEV1) drum module
  • 14"x5" snare drum, 10"x7" and 12"x7" tom, 14"x12" floor tom with legs, and 18"x12" bass drum
  • Premium 'two-up, one-down' setup with 7-ply North American maple shells
  • Module Key Specs
    • Professionally pre-configured kits with loads of customizable user kits
    • Bluetooth audio connectivity
    • Expand your setup with 6 drum inputs and 6 cymbal inputs
    • 8 balance individual audio outputs
    • MIDI In/Out via USB and 5-Pin DIN plugs
    • 10-Channel USB-C out, 2 Channel USB audio in
    • Auxiliary input
    • 32GB of built-in memory
    • Upload and swap data with included USB flash drive
    • On-board mixer
    • Ambiance presets and adjustability
    • Separate headphone and main output mixes and volume

    WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm

    collapse expand iconSpecs

    • Bass drum: 20x14"
    • Tom(s): 10x7", 12x7"
    • Floor tom: 14x12"
    • Snare: 14x5"
    • Total pieces: 5
    • Cymbals: Yes
    • Hi-hat: 14"
    • Crash: 16"
    • Crash/Ride: 18"
    • Ride: 20"
    • Total cymbals: 4
    • Cymbal stands: Yes, 3
    • Tom mounts: Yes, 2 with arm
    • Module stand: Yes, with mount and screws
    • Connection cables: Included
    • AC Adapter: Included
    • Drum key: Included
    • Drum sticks: Zildjian ALCHEM-Esticks, 1 pair included
    • Drum patches: Included
    • Microfiber cleaning cloth: Included
    • 32GB USB flash drive: Included
    • Bass Drum Patch: 2 included
    • Bass Drum Pillow: Included
    • Rubber Bass Drum Hoop Protector: Included
    • Shell material: 7-ply North American maple
    • Finish: Black Gold Foundry Shimmer
    Drum Hardware
    • Material: Sturdy double-braced chrome stands
    • Mounts: Standard
    • Drum Module: Zildjian E-VAULT (ZEV1) with 5.5" color touchscreen
    • Number of Sounds: Extensive collection from Zildjian's historic and current product lines, accessible through intuitive navigation
    • Features: Three triggering zones per pad (head, rimshot, and rim), built-in Zildjian Trigger System for cymbals
    • Orientation: Right handed

    collapse expand iconWarranty

    Avedis Zildjian Company Warranty Statement

    As of October 1, 2009, all Zildjian Cymbals are guaranteed against manufacturer's defects for two (2) years from the date of original purchase.
    For warranty claims outside the U.S., contact your local Zildjian distributor. Click here for the international distributor locator.
    Warranty Process
    Cymbals that show factory defects within two years of their original purchase are eligible for examination at our factory. Zildjian experts will evaluate the damage and issue a replacement cymbal, unless it appears the damage is related to improper use or care.

    If you believe your cymbal has a factory defect:
    1. Contact Zildjian to obtain a Return Authorization number (RA#), via telephone: 781-871-2200.
    2. Indicate the location of the damage on the cymbal with a piece of tape.
    3. Make a photocopy of your original numbered and dated sales receipt.
    4. Carefully package your cymbal. Include your RA# and the photocopy of your sales receipt in the box.
    5. Ship the package to:
    Avedis Zildjian Company
    22 Longwater Drive
    Norwell, MA 02061

    A Cymbal will not be replaced if:
    1. It has been misplayed, dropped, played with excessive force or treated abusively.
    2. The center hole is worn due to improper stand set-up or abusive play.
    3. The cymbal was bought second-hand or used in a lease program.
    4. The cymbal has previously been replaced by Zildjian.
    5. More than two years have passed since the cymbal was purchased.

    Warranty Notes:
    • Cost of shipping a damaged cymbal to Zildjian is the customers responsibility.
    • Factory evaluations take approximately 4 - 6 weeks.
    • Cymbals that do not meet the warranty guidelines will be returned to customer.
    • Cost of shipping a replacement or damaged cymbal back to the customer will be covered by Zildjian.

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