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The EMG ZW Zakk Wylde 81/85 Humbucker Set is the signature pickup configuration used by the legendary Zakk Wylde in his bullseye Les Paul. Whether shredding through power chords or unleashing face-melting solos, the EMG ZW Set delivers the tone and performance that has made Zakk an icon. Now you can achieve the thick, saturated distortion and endless sustain that have become Zakk's trademark.

EMG-85: Full-bodied rhythm tone with articulate mids

The EMG-85 humbucker uses two Alnico magnet-loaded coils to produce high output with a beefy low end and pronounced top end. Its wide frequency response provides full, thick rhythm chords with a focused midrange that cuts through the mix. The EMG-85 handles high gain without getting muddy, making it ideal for chunky rhythm work.

EMG-81: High-output lead tone with screaming sustain

The EMG-81 is a high-output humbucker designed for face-melting lead work. Its ceramic magnets and hot coils deliver a powerful, well-defined tone with loads of sustain for endless soloing. The EMG-81 exhibits a quick attack, fat midrange and smooth highs that sing on high-gain amps. Its noiseless operation also provides a quiet background for crystal-clear note definition at high volumes.

Solderless installation and premium components

The EMG ZW Set includes two humbuckers, two volume pots, two tone pots, output jack, battery clip, screws, springs and Zakk's signature bullseye guitar pick. Everything installs easily without soldering using the included Quick-Connect cables and components. The premium pots, jack and other parts are built to withstand the rigors of the road and provide years of flawless performance.

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  • Package includes:
  • 2 Pickup Quik-connect cables
  • 1 Output Jack Quik-connect cable
  • 1 Output Jack
  • 4 interconnect Quik-connect cables
  • 1 Battery Quik-connect cable
  • 1 B152 Input/Output Buss
  • 2 ea. Long Shaft Volume & Tone controls
  • 1 ea. Shrink tubing (1 red / 1 black)
  • 2 sets of screws and springs
  • 1 collectable Zakk Wylde pick

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  • Resonant Frequency: 2.45
  • Magnet Type: Alnico
  • Output Voltage (String): 2.1
  • Output Voltage (Strum): 4.5
  • Output Noise @ 60Hz: -89 dBV
  • Output Impedance: 10 kOhms
  • Resonant Frequency (kHz): 2.00
  • Magnet Type: Ceramic/steel
  • Output Voltage (String): 2.0
  • Output Voltage (Strum): 4.5
  • Output Noise @ 60Hz: -91 dBV
  • Output Impedance: 10 kOhms
  • Current @ 9V: 160 microamps
  • Battery Life: 1,500 hours
  • Maximum Supply: 27V DC