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Fender Custom Shop Texas Special Tele Pickup Set | Fender


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The Custom Shop Texas Special Tele Pickups, handcrafted to vintage-accurate perfection. Featuring height-staggered Alnico V magnets and custom-wound coils, these pickups deliver a signature tone that defined the Tele twang. The bridge pickup utilizes a copper-plated steel bottom plate for a razor-sharp attack, enhanced midrange and crystalline highs. The neck pickup features a nickel silver cover for a clear, warm tone with chimey highs.

Height-Staggered Alnico V Magnets Provide Unmatched Clarity and Output

The height-staggered Alnico V magnets in the Custom Shop Texas Special Tele Pickups are positioned to capture string vibrations with unparalleled accuracy. This design yields a crisp, articulate tone with chimey highs and a robust low end. The increased magnetic field also provides higher output, allowing these pickups to cut through a mix with ease.

Copper-Plated Steel Bridge Plate Adds Midrange Punch

The copper-plated steel bottom plate in the bridge pickup enhances midrange frequencies, resulting in a tone with exceptional punch and presence. Notes have a razor-sharp attack and sustain, with a hint of grind that defines the Tele twang. This design, combined with the Alnico V magnets, provides a sound that cuts through the mix for solos and rhythm playing alike.

Nickel Silver Neck Pickup Cover Produces Warm, Clear Tone

The nickel silver cover on the neck pickup helps focus the magnetic field, producing a warm yet clear tone with articulate highs. Chords and melodies have a bright quality with rich overtones, while single notes ring out with bell-like clarity. The increased output provides a balanced tone when both pickups are selected, yielding a range of sounds ideal for any musical style.

Custom Shop Hand-Wound Coils Deliver Legendary Boutique Tone

These legendary pickups are hand-wound at the Fender Custom Shop using vintage-accurate techniques for an authentic tone. Custom-gaged coil wire and scatter-wound coils provide harmonic richness and nuance. The result is a signature sound that defined generations of music and continues to inspire today's players.

Fender Custom Shop Texas Special Tele Pickups

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  • Alnico 5 magnets
  • Fiber bobbin
  • Enamel-coated magnet wire
  • Copper-plated steel bottom plate on bridge pickup

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm

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