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Picks & Pick Holders

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There are tons of instruments that use some kind of tool as the interface between them and their players. For guitars, those tools are picks. In fact, one of the cool things about the guitar is that you have the option of playing with or without picks. You might even change back and forth during the course of a single gig, which is just one of the reasons to have a pick holder you can store them in when you're not using them. Even if you use picks 100% of the time, a holder can handle your spares, not to mention preventing your picks from getting lost or misplaced - something that happens all too often. No matter how you use and store your own, the picks and pick holders in this section can get the job done.

Everyone recognizes the standard celluloid or plastic guitar pick, but that's only the beginning of what can be found here. If you're a Tenacious D fan, for instance, there's the Clayton Functional Replica Pick Of Destiny 6-Pack. These picks don't just look cool; they also perform well, and they've got the top rating to prove it. There are grippy picks like the Dava Grip Top Combo, and there are space-age carbon picks. Specialty shapes like the Mick's Picks UKE-2 TRIAD Guitar Pick offer nuanced customization of feel and sound, while exotic materials such as the Timber Tones Thai Rosewood Guitar Picks provide a character all their own. Your picks can be as traditional or as wild as you like, so don't be afraid to go all-out!

Of course, once you've gotten your hands on some amazing picks, you're going to need a place to keep them. That's where the pick holders come in, and with the different varieties there are to choose from, you can put your picks just about anywhere you want. For example, the Dunlop Scotty Pick Holder is an incredibly popular model that's designed to stick onto your guitar - but you can attach it to virtually any surface. Some holders, like the Perri's Leather Pick Holder and Key Chain, are easy to carry with you at all times. And then there's the Dunlop Microphone Stand Pick Holder, which fits any standard mic boom to keep your picks within arm's reach during a gig.

With all the variety available in picks and pick holders, these suggestions are only scratching the surface - so go ahead and dive in to see the full range of options ahead of you. Regardless of what sort of musician you are, there's bound to be something here to suit. From the most basic tortex picks to signature models from some of the world's best musicians to exotic fingerpicks and thumbpicks for diverse playing styles, guitarists of all stripes are represented in this lineup.