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The Studio Model Red from Pickaso is the first ever to be made with hair on both sides, in this case synthetic, for acoustic and bass guitars. It's a revolutionary way to create artistic sounds on your instruments and expand the boundaries of sound. This upgraded model features high-end assembly with high-quality materials. The anodized aluminum body and quality rubber-covered plastic handle design and functionality for the best experience and perfect sound quality.

Important note: The Pickaso bow is not functional with coated strings (like Elixir Nanoweb) or nylon strings. Make sure your strings are regular, without any additional coating.

1. Q: Does the bow work on any type of string?
A: The Pickaso bow works on most strings except coated strings (such as Elixir) and nylon strings as mentioned above. The bow won't produce any sound on these types of strings. The bow works best on regular uncoated strings of all types and brands. The manufacturer uses Ernie Ball Earthwood, 80/20 medium-light strings.

2. Q: Can the bow be used with other instruments?
A: The Pickaso Guitar Bow was specifically designed and manufactured for use with acoustic guitars. However, it can also be used with any steel-stringed instrument with a sound hole or space where the bow can be inserted between and under the strings. It's important to note that the bow is not suitable for use with nylon
strings or coated strings.

3. Q: Will the bow damage my strings?
A: If used properly and following the instructions provided, this bow will not damage your guitar strings in any way. The bow hair is much softer than a guitar pick, so you can use it with confidence, knowing that your strings are

4. Q: Does the bow contain horse hair?
No, Pickaso have deliberately avoided using any animal products in this bow. Instead, they developed synthetic bow hair that is sturdier and more suitable for stringed instrument players. They specifically created this hair to meet guitarists needs, and to provide the best possible sound and playing experience.

5. Q: Can I replace the hair on the bow?
Yes. The hair on the Pickaso Guitar Bow can be easily replaced using the hair replacement kit available on the manufacturer’s website. The kit has all the necessary tools and instructions to replace the hair in just 20 minutes.
Pickaso Guitar Bow Studio Model Red
Pickaso Guitar Bow Studio Model Red
Pickaso Guitar Bow Studio Model Red

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  • White PU leather bow case
  • Microfiber cloth
  • Two Pickaso stickers
  • Premium Pickaso rosin
  • A personal letter from the inventor
  • Online user guide card

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  • Durable, ultrathin, anodized-aluminum body
  • High-quality plastic handle covered with a smooth rubber finish
  • Unique blend of synthetic bow hair, developed in Pickaso's labs, especially for guitars (no horses/animals hair/vegan)
  • Built-in guitar pick
  • Structure: 21.4 cm length, with 14 cm net hair length
  • Hair width: 15 mm