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D'Andrea's White T&F Pack provides four premium picks for musicians of all levels. The pack includes one thumb pick and three finger picks in different gages, allowing players to find the perfect pick for any style or technique. Constructed of durable yet pliable Delrin, these picks produce a balanced tone and feel comfortable even during extended playing sessions.

Multi-Use Picks for Multiple Instruments and Genres

Whether you play bluegrass, country, rock or classical music, the White T&F Pack has a pick to suit your needs. The thumb pick allows for a strong, driving tone ideal for banjo rolls and Carter-style guitar, while the three finger picks range from a flexible 0.88 mm to a stiffer 1.5 mm, suitable for everything from delicate arpeggios to aggressive strumming. These picks work equally well on steel or nylon strings so no matter your instrument of choice, you'll find a pick tailored to your playing style in this versatile set.

Durable yet Flexible Delrin Material

Constructed of Delrin, a strong yet pliable thermoplastic, these picks provide both durability and flexibility. Delrin's flexibility allows for a comfortable feel and warm, balanced tone. The material's strength means these picks will last through years of regular use without breaking or warping. For players frustrated with picks that just don't last, the White T&F Pack offers a premium solution at an affordable price.

Thickness options for any tone or technique

With picks ranging from 0.88mm to 1.5mm, the White T&F Pack lets you choose the perfect thickness for your needs. Thinner picks like the 0.88mm finger pick produce a brighter tone well-suited to delicate playing styles. The 1.5mm finger pick and thumb pick create a warmer, fuller tone ideal for aggressive rhythm playing. Whatever tone or technique you're after, you'll find a pick to match in this thoughtfully designed set.

High quality at an affordable price

While designed to exacting standards, the White T&F Pack is available at a price any musician can afford. D'Andrea's commitment to high-quality, handcrafted picks means this set will satisfy even the most discerning players, all without breaking the bank. For beginners and professionals alike, the White T&F Pack offers a premium solution for quality picks. Now available at Guitar Center, purchase your White T&F Pack of four picks today.

D'Andrea White T&F Pack - 1 Thumb & 3 Finger Picks Large

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