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The Dunlop PVP110 pick variety pack provides 12 of Dunlop's most popular Tortex guitar pick models, offering a range of gauges and shapes to suit any guitarist's needs. Whether you prefer a stiffer pick for precision or a flexible pick for comfort, the PVP110 has you covered.

A Range of 12 Gauges and Shapes

The PVP110 includes picks from Dunlop's Tortex line in 12 different gauges, from 0.50 mm–1.14 mm. With classic shapes like the standard, sharp and jazz III, any guitarist can find a pick they love. The variety in this pack allows you to experiment with different picks to discover your perfect match. Once you've found your favorites, you'll have extras on hand for every gig or recording session.

Premium Celluloid Material

Dunlop's Tortex picks are made from high-quality delrin that provides an ideal balance of flexibility, durability and grip. Tortex picks glide across the strings with ease yet are firm enough for precise picking. Their smooth, matte finish gives them a natural feel that won't slip out of your fingers. Tortex is a trusted material that gives consistent performance from pick to pick.

A Gift or Essential Accessory

Whether you're a beginner wanting to try out different picks or a pro needing a variety on hand, the PVP110 pick variety pack makes an excellent gift or must-have accessory. With picks for acoustic, electric, bass and other instruments, every guitarist can make use of this pack. Keep one in your case, one in your practice space and one as a backup so you're never without your favorite pick.

Dunlop PVP110 Pick Tortex Variety 12 Pack
Dunlop PVP110 Pick Tortex Variety 12 Pack