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Every guitarist understands the importance of having a powerful amplifier in their gear collection. Since the 1960s, Marshall has been constructing some of the best amps on the globe, and today their name is synonymous with top-notch tone and durability. Once you hook up your guitar to a Marshall amp and hit the switch, prepare to be blown away with awesome sound. In fact, renowned artists like Slash, Angus Young of AC/DC and Joe Perry of Aerosmith have all showcased their killer skills with Marshall amps, so you can bet you're in good company. Clearly when you invest in a Marshall amp, you're getting outstanding quality and craftsmanship. Of course, selecting the perfect amplifier from their huge catalog comes down to needs and personal taste, so consider what you'll be using it for. Looking for a portable, lightweight option for casual home use, practice or playing in smaller venues? Check out the MG Series MG30CFX 30W combo. Featuring an analog tonal heart, 10" speaker, digital effects and multiple channels, this little beauty is versatile, portable and very affordable. Now, if you're hoping to really blow your audience away, take a look at the JVM210H 100W Tube amp, a 2-channel version of the classic flagship series. Each channel is independent of the other and features 3 modes that are footswitchable and have their own gain structure. Whether you want a slight overdrive or a full on thick distortion, this amp gives you lots of tonal options for anything from punk to hard rock. And these are just 2 examples of what Marshall has in store for you, so be sure to take some time and explore their entire selection of amplifiers. From the smallest clubs to the largest arenas, the classic Marshall sound is celebrated around the world, and adding one to your setup will have your impressive skills recognized in no time.