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  1. Save 15% | july15
    Rhythm Tech Solo Tambourine
    From Price $29.99
  2. Save 15% | july15
    LMI Transparent Tambourine with Head
    Your Price $4.99
  3. Save 15% | july15
    Remo Radiant Series Tambourine
    From Price $27.99
  4. Save 15% | july15
    Remo Fixed-Head Tambourine
    From Price $31.99
  5. Save 15% | july15
    Rhythm Tech Ergonomic Tambourine
    From Price $43.99
  6. Save 15% | july15
    Sound Percussion Labs Baja Percussion Single Row Tambourine with Steel Jingles
    Your Price $24.99
  7. Save 15% | july15
    Rhythm Band Headless Tambourine
    From Price $9.59
  8. On Sale
    Remo Dove Tambourine
    From Price $23.99 Was Price $29.99
  9. Save 15% | july15
    Rhythm Tech Pro Tambourine
    Your Price $99.99
  10. On Sale
    Remo Economy Tambourines
    From Price $17.99 Was Price $19.99
  11. Top-Seller
    MEINL Recording-Combo Goat-Skin Wood Tambourine Two Rows Dual Alloy Jingles
    Your Price $59.99
  12. Save 15% | july15
    CP Single Row Tambourine
    From Price $14.99
  13. Save 15% | july15
    Sound Percussion Labs Baja Percussion Double Row Tambourine with Steel Jingles
    Your Price $39.99
  14. On Sale
    Remo Fixed Head Tambourines
    From Price $25.99
  15. On Sale
    Remo Gospel Tambourine
    Your Price $47.99 Was Price $64.99
  16. Save 15% | july15
    Rhythm Tech True Colors Tambourine
    From Price $24.99
  17. On Sale
    Remo Praying Hands Tambourine
    From Price $23.99 Was Price $29.99
  18. Save 15% | july15
    CP CP391 Tunable Tambourine
    Your Price $39.99
  19. Top-Rated
    MEINL Hi-Hat Tambourine
    Your Price $22.99
  20. On Sale
    Remo Double Row Wild Tambourine
    Your Price $35.99 Was Price $49.99
  21. Save 15% | july15
    Rhythm Tech Nickel Drum Tambourine
    Your Price $58.99
  22. Save 15% | july15
    Rhythm Band Economy Scripture Tambourine
    Your Price $10.09
  23. DW 2000 Series Tambourine Pedal
    Your Price $149.99
  24. On Sale
    Remo Prizmatic Double Row Tambourine
    From Price $45.99 Was Price $63.99
  25. MEINL Compact Wood Tambourine with Double Row Stainless Steel Jingles
    Your Price $24.99
  26. MEINL Foot Tambourine Steel Jingles
    Your Price $12.99
  27. Price Drop
    Pearl Ultra-Grip Steel Tambourine
    Your Price $57.87 Was Price $72.34
  28. MEINL Turbo Crasher
    Your Price $29.99
  29. MEINL Headliner Hi Hat Tambourine Steel Jingles
    Your Price $29.99
  30. Top-Rated
    MEINL Goat-Skin Wood Tambourine Dual Rows of Alloy Jingles
    Your Price $54.99
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Like many other hand percussion instruments, the tambourine traces its roots to the earliest of mankind's civilizations. In general terms, the tambourine comprises a series of loose jingles attached to a handle. The jingles, called zils, are often set in pairs, and produce high-pitch sounds. Some tambourines also feature a stretched skin to produce lower pitch sounds. Though it's referred to as an untuned instrument, certain design elements, like jingle size and handle material, impact the dominant frequencies produced. The tambourine is most often used to anchor rhythm, create a wash effect, or provide accents.

Many modern tambourines are constructed of high-impact plastics, that are designed to withstand repeated blows by a drum stick when mounted as part of a drum kit or percussion rig. These and other tambourines often incorporate an ergonomic handle that helps percussionists play for extended periods while experiencing less fatigue than standard handles. Whether mounted or played by hand, the tambourine is a familiar and welcome sound in most music genres.

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