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If you're a classical guitarist, you know that an intricate style like yours takes a great deal of skill and concentration. Of course, you also know that it takes a set of well-made strings that are designed with careful attention to detail, and for that Savarez has just the answer. In fact, Savarez has been a leader in string design since 1970 and today they're preferred by professional musicians from around the world, including David Isaacs, Jack Fields and Liona Boyd. Go ahead and browse this section and see for yourself - Savarez is dedicated to any classical guitarist who takes their playing technique seriously. As you browse Savarez's selection of acoustic guitar strings, you'll notice quickly that they have many gauges available, ranging from light and medium to high and super-high tension. Whatever you choose, the smooth feel and tone you'd expect from Savarez will be apparent. For an excellent example, check out the best-selling 500CRJ Corum Cristal Classical Guitar Strings. Mixing the easy-playing and brightness of standard tension Red New Cristal nylon trebles with the flexibility of high-tension Blue Corum basses, Savarez has created a string set for a consistent balance across the entire fretboard. While you're at, take a look at the 520R Traditional Red Card Strong Tension Classical Guitar Strings. Made of rectified nylon that is characterized by a unique unpolished finish, these strings are extremely controllable and their tone is very clear. Another set worthy of your attention is the 510AR Alliance Cantiga Normal Tension Guitar Strings. Bringing together Cantiga bass strings and the famous Alliance KF trebles, this union provides you with precise response, top-notch sustain and a wide range of harmonics. As you've probably realized by now, finding the perfect set of acoustic strings is as simple as sticking with Savarez. After all, when you've put so much time and effort in learning classical guitar, you deserve to showcase your talents on a set of strings that highlights your strongest playing traits. With that in mind, you can always count on Savarez for an acoustic guitar string that feels as pleasant as it sounds.