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Reed Cases

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When your woodwind instrument isn't being used, chances are it's safely stored in a case or gig bag. The same mindset can (and should) be applied to all the components of your instrument, including the reed. Because the reed is directly responsible for the sound produced by your woodwind instrument, it's important that it's kept in pristine playing condition. In this section, you're going to find a lot of different reed cases for a wide variety of instruments. From the saxophone to the clarinet to the oboe and more, there is a case here designed to protect the reeds of pretty much every woodwind instrument.

Start by narrowing down based on which woodwind you play. Is the sax your preferred instrument? If so, reed cases like the Theo Wanne Saxophone Reed Case and the Protec Saxophone Reed Case are great options for you. Are you a clarinetist? Check out reed cases like the Rico Reedgard IV for Clarinet and Protec Clarinet Reed Case.

If you're a musician who plays more than one woodwind instrument, it makes sense to have a reed case that will fit more than one type of reed. The D'Addario Multi-Instrument Reed Vitalizer Case can accommodate all sizes of clarinet and saxophone reeds. It holds up to 8 reeds on a flat surface that's equipped with channels designed to allow proper airflow. The Vandoren Reed HygroCase is another top choice among musicians who play multiple instruments. This state-of-the-art digital reed case lets you control the specific humidity inside, ensuring your reeds will play consistently no matter your location. It easily stores up to 20 Bb clarinet or alto saxophone reeds and 12 tenor, baritone or bass clarinet reeds.

With all the choices waiting to be discovered in this section, it's safe to say you're going to find a reed case to suit your specific needs. Just like your woodwind instrument, your reeds need to be treated with respect - and that starts with properly moisturized and stored them when not in use.