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Recording King Acoustic Guitars

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William Shakespeare isn't the only one who's ever asked "What's in a name?" - it's a question that's still on the tips of our tongues today. Take Recording King for instance: that's more than just a name for this luthier, it's a promise. Their goal is to make instruments that reign over the recording studio as well as the stage. In fact, they've been at it since 1930 so there's a lot of history to show that Recording King acoustic guitars are ready to deliver on their commitment. The early years of the company were in the "golden age" of guitar craftsmanship, and with Recording King going strong all the while, it's safe to say they've been keeping that era alive through their instruments. If you're looking for an instrument that looks, feels and sounds as though it came right from Recording King's early days, check out the Dirty Thirties series. With choices like the Dirty Thirties Dreadnought Solid Top, Dirty Thirties OOO Solid Top and Dirty Thirties Solid Top Single O, Recording King makes it a cinch to find that rich vintage tone. These guitars are lightweight and easy to play, not to mention easy on the eyes with that Dust Bowl-inspired matte sunburst finish. For a professional session guitarist, there's a lot to be said for modern features... but what if you want those along with the classic Recording King feel and sound? The Studio Series is your answer. Consider the Studio Series 12 Fret OO Acoustic/Electric Guitar for example: this instrument was developed as a partnership with guitar historian Eric Schoenberg, and it's plain to see the expertise that went into its design. From the choice of tonewoods and its cutaway body to the historically-accurate finish and Fishman Matrix VT preamp and pickup system, everything about this guitar is top-notch. As corny as it may sound, the truth is that all of us have music in our hearts. Getting those melodies out of your heart and into the world takes the right instrument - and Recording King aims to be just that. Take a close look at the Recording King acoustic guitars in this section and you'll see that they've got plenty of options that are ready to hit the mark for guitarists from all walks of life.