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Flatwound Guitar Strings

If you're new to playing the guitar, you might be wondering exactly what flatwound guitar strings are. The answer lies in the larger strings on your instrument - the ones with smaller windings around the core wire of the string. Traditional wound strings are roundwound, meaning that the small wire has a round cross-section, giving the string a sort of ribbed texture. In flatwound strings, the wire used for winding actually has a flat, rectangular shape instead. This levels out the surface of the string, so you end up with a smooth feel, almost as if the string were made of plain wire. Lots of guitarists swear by these finger-friendly strings, and after you give them a try, maybe you will too.

You can even get some insight into which musicians prefer flatwound strings by checking out signature sets like the Thomastik GB112 Medium Light George Benson Custom Flatwound Guitar Strings. This particular set is also available in a jazz version if that's your style. In fact, jazz-inspired strings are pretty common in the flatwound lineup, which also contains the Black Diamond Pure Jazz Electric Guitar Chromium Flat Wound Strings and the D'Addario XL Chromes Jazz Light Electric Guitar Strings ECG24 Flatwound, to name just two examples. You can also find a variety of materials to choose from, including stainless steel in the GHS Precision Flatwound Electric Guitar Strings Light, and nylon in the Thomastik CF128 N Series Nylon Strings - Light Tension.

No selection of strings would be complete without plenty of varieties to choose from, and it's plain to see that this range of flatwound guitar strings more than lives up to the fact. No matter what sort of guitarist you are, which style of music you play or the kind of guitar you use to play it, there should be at least one set of flatwound guitar strings here that's up to the task. Take a close look through all the options for yourself, and think about what your needs are from a set of guitar strings - you'll find the right fit soon enough.