Ernie Ball

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The Ernie Ball Secure Slide is a revolutionary guitar slide designed for maximum comfort and control. The Secure Slide combines a durable brass body with a colorful soft inner sleeve, providing a barrier between the fingers and the slide's edges. Available in three sizes, the Secure Slide's ergonomic shape and non-slip surface enable nuanced slide techniques with confidence.

Soft Sleeve Prevents Calluses for Hours of Play

The Secure Slide's soft inner sleeve eliminates the discomfort from prolonged slide use, enabling extended practice sessions without developing calluses. The sleeve's inert plastic material won't interact with the skin and provides cushioning and grip so the slide won't slip or rotate during use.

High-Visibility Color Aids Accuracy

The bright green inner sleeve improves visibility of the slide position, which aids accuracy when playing in dim lighting. Guitarists can keep their eyes on the fretboard instead of the slide, allowing them to focus on technique. The sleeve's color also adds visual flair to an instrument.

Durable Brass Construction for Sustain and Tone

The Secure Slide's brass body provides the resonant, sustaining tone that brass is known for. The brass is chrome-plated for durability and an attractive finish. From bluesy wails to ambient swells, the brass material enables a range of tones perfect for expressive slide guitar playing.

Three Sizes for a Custom Fit

The Secure Slide comes in small, medium and large sizes to suit various finger widths. The medium size will suit most players, while the small and large provide a custom fit for those with especially narrow or wide fingers. With the right size Secure Slide, guitarists can achieve their most dexterous and articulate slide work.

Ernie Ball Comfort Slide Green Medium
Ernie Ball Comfort Slide Green Medium
Ernie Ball Comfort Slide Green Medium

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm