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There is a seemingly-endless array of ways to broaden the horizons of your guitar playing repertoire, but perhaps one of the most fun techniques to master is slide guitar. For those who aren't familiar with the style, slide guitar is played by placing an object (called a "slide") over your finger, which is then placed over your strings and moved up and down the neck's length to create smooth transitions in pitch. Slide guitar can be heard in many musical genres and countless bands and artists have used them over the years, including legends like The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, ZZ Top and Johnny Winter.

Of course, the skill is a lot more enjoyable when you're honing your craft with a metal slide that's, well, exceptionally-crafted. There are many different metal slides available on today's market ranging from stainless and chromed steel models to ring-shaped glass slides and even signature models from famous slide guitarists. If you still can't decide where to begin you search, it's always a safe bet to start with the top-rated items and go from there. For example, the Dunlop Solid Brass Guitar Slide is known for its bright tone and excellent sustain. For that matter, the same can be said for the Ernie Ball Ring Slider. This model is crafted from chrome-plated brass and buffed to a crystal-clear shine. It also has machined-turned edges for the safety and comfort of your finger.

Another more unique metal slide in this section is the Shubb Axys Reversible Guitar Slide. It has a 2-piece design that allows the "sleeve" portion to be rotated in less than a second so that your attached finger can be used freely for normal finger playing. In other words, the Axys Reversible Guitar Slide makes it easier than ever to play slide solos without any interruptions.

And believe us when we say that your options don't end there. In fact, remember earlier when it was mentioned that Johnny Winter is a well-known slide guitar musician? Well, the man himself even has his own signature metal slide right here in this catalog. So take your time browsing, consider how each type will benefit your individual playing style, and the right metal slide for you will be obvious.