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Yamaha's YBH-301M Series Marching Bb Baritone delivers the power, projection and handling required for show-stopping field performances. The YBH-301M features Yamaha's signature laser-fused, 10" yellow brass bell for effortless volume and a bright, brilliant tone. Its .571" bore and large shank mouthpiece provide a full, resonant sound with natural response for euphonium players.

Laser-Fused Bell Rings Out

The YBH-301M's laser-fused, 10" yellow brass bell is built to project. Yamaha's precision laser welding helps this baritone sing, enabling your band's euphonium section to soar above the rest. The bell's vibrant tone and substantial size give players a broad range and the volume required for an impactful performance on the field.

Heavy-Duty Design Withstands Demanding Conditions

Yamaha engineered the YBH-301M to handle the strenuous demands of marching band. Its brass leadpipe resists corrosion and red rot, while heavy bracing reinforces the bell and body. The baritone's balanced body design reduces fatigue, enabling players to comfortably hold and play this horn for an entire marching show. A 1st-valve thumb hook allows for quick intonation changes on the go.

responsive and comfortable feel.

The YBH-301M's .571" bore and large shank mouthpiece provide euphonium players with a natural, familiar feel. An open blow and highly responsive design give musicians dynamic control and nuanced expressiveness for emotive, musical performances. Players will appreciate this baritone's comfortable feel, balanced weight and smooth action.

Premium Features for Optimal Playability

From the silver-plated finish for an brilliant tone to the rugged BHC-301M case, the YBH-301M is equipped with premium features for optimal playability. The silver plating helps produce a focused, cornet-like sound with clear projection. The optional case keeps the baritone safe in transport and storage. For marching bands seeking an advantage, the YBH-301M delivers.

Yamaha YBH-301M Series Marching Bb Baritone Silver

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  • Key: Bb
  • Bore: .571-inch
  • Bell: 10-inch
  • Bell Material: Yellow Brass
  • Valves: Nickel-Plated Pistons
  • Features: Gold Brass Leadpipe; Large Shank Mouthpiece Receiver; Heavy Bracing
  • Case: Yes
  • Mouthpiece: Yamaha L48 Large Shank
  • Finish: Lacquer, Silver