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There are many instruments in the symphony orchestra, and some of them - the bassoon, for instance - are surprisingly unknown to non-musicians. But show us a person who hasn't heard of the violin, and we'll show you someone who's been living under a rock their whole life. It's one of the defining instruments of classical music, and it's even proven its versatility with cameos in genres from rock to country. Whether you're an aspiring musician searching for your first instrument or an experienced player of something else looking to expand your repertoire, you'll be starting on the right foot with any of the student violins available here. One of the best things about student violins is that they can have as much personality as you like. For example, check out the exotic colors on the Bellafina Rainbow Series Blue Violin Outfit and the Cremona SV-130GN Series Sparkling Green Violin Outfit. Or, if you'd rather catch the eye with some artwork on your instrument, consider the Rozanna's Violins Sunflower Delight Series, Mystic Owl Series and Butterfly Dream Series Violin Outfits. Do you wanna build a snowman? In that case, one of Rozanna's most popular violins is probably perfect for you: the Snowflake Violin Outfit with Disney Frozen Songbook. Speaking of the Snowflake, it's worth noting that this violin is available in two sizes (4/4 and 1/2), and that highlights another important decision in the process of choosing student violins. Sizing is important for instruments in this family, and a violin needs to be a good fit for the player. Younger and smaller players should generally start out with a small-scale violin to make sure learning goes smoothly, so don't forget to look up some sizing guides or ask the violin teacher for advice to make sure you're choosing the right scale. From there, the choice is up to you. Whether you're interested in an affordable top-seller like the Etude Student Series Violin Outfit or making a high-end debut with an advanced student violin such as the Bellafina Roma Series Violin Outfit, you'll be well on your way for a successful musical journey with an instrument from this section - all it takes is your own judgement to decide which violin will be your perfect personal fit.