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Shure Headphones

When it comes to headphones, quality is more than just skin-deep. It's what's inside that counts, and that can make it tough to pick out a great set. Fortunately, Shure makes things a little easier with a lineup of headphones that perform every bit as great as they look. We've all got that friend who thinks headphones are all the same, but we'd be willing to bet that if you let them try your Shure headphones, they'd change their mind about that in a hurry. There really is no comparison. Shure headphones are built for music professionals and audiophiles, and there's a great variety in their selection. That makes it easy enough to find a pair that fits your needs and your budget, whether you're a leading sound engineer or an everyday music lover eager to improve the entertainment on your commute. Do you prefer full-sized over-the-ear headphones or smaller in-ear monitors? Don't be shy about it - you'll find both varieties here. For a low-key approach to personal audio, some of Shure's most sought-after sets are the SE315 Sound Isolating Earphones. By suppressing background noise, these 'phones serve up every nuance of your music in a totally immersive environment. As an added perk, they come with replacement tips for a custom fit as well as a zip-up carrying case. If you want to go full-sized, check out options like the SRH440, a perfect choice for DIY studios. And the SRH940s are a recording engineer's dream. You can even go a step beyond that with Shure's open-back headphones, like the SRH1440 and SRH1840, which deliver amazing sound quality by giving the drivers complete freedom to move without air pressure pushing back on them. There's more than 80 years of history and experience leading up to Shure's present lineup, and it really shows in the legendary performance and build quality of all their headphones. In-ear, open-back or DJ-style, the choices are all here: the only thing you need to do is make the decision of which set you want to see yourself wearing.
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