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The Kawai CN201 digital console piano brings the dynamic feel and rich tone of a world-class grand piano into your home. This sophisticated instrument combines Kawai's latest advancements in digital sampling and key action technology to recreate the full expressiveness of an acoustic piano. Whether you're an experienced player or just starting out, the CN201 provides an inspiring musical experience that will elevate your playing to new heights.

Kawai CN201 Digital Console Piano With Bench keybed

The Acclaimed Responsive Hammer III Keyboard Action

At the heart of the CN201 is Kawai's proprietary Responsive Hammer III keyboard action. This premium graded hammer action faithfully reproduces the weight, movement and subtle nuances of an acoustic grand piano's keys for a remarkably authentic playing feel. As you depress each wooden key, you'll experience the same natural resistance and escapement sensation as pressing hammers against strings. The smooth triple-sensor key detection enhances responsiveness for fast repetition and expressive dynamics. With the Responsive Hammer III, you can lose yourself in the performance without distractions.

Kawai CN201 Digital-Console Piano With Bench full piano

Powerful Amplification Captures Every Nuance

To complement its realistic keyboard action, the CN201 delivers stunningly lifelike piano tone from its powerful amplification system. Kawai's Progressive Harmonic Imaging technology faithfully recreates the rich resonances of an acoustic grand by capturing the wide range of string and damper resonances across the entire 88-note keyboard. You'll hear every harmonic detail and overtone just as it sounds emanating from the soundboard of a premium concert grand. The dynamic sound system ensures notes blossom with a natural attack and decay, letting your musical expression shine through.

Kawai CN201 Digital Console Piano With Bench music rest

Smart Features for Focused Practice

The CN201 is loaded with intelligent features that enhance your practice sessions. The exclusive Low Volume Balance optimizes the overall tone and resonance characteristics when playing at low volumes, ensuring your focus remains sharp without sacrificing expression. Integrated Bluetooth MIDI allows you to connect smart devices, like tablets to access digital scores, with the PiaBookPlayer app. With the PianoRemote app, you can easily adjust settings and select different piano sounds from your device. The intuitive control panel and high-resolution OLED display provide clear visual feedback to keep you in the creative flow.

Kawai CN201 Digital Console Piano With-Bench angled shot

A Complete Piano Setup Ideal for Any Space

The CN201 includes everything you need for comfortable playing right out of the box. The matching adjustable bench lets you find the ideal seated position for proper posture and technique. With its elegant cabinetry and furniture-grade finish options, the CN201 makes a stylish addition to any room. Powerful yet compact, the Kawai CN201 digital console piano gives you the dynamic response and uncompromising tone of a world-class acoustic grand in a space-saving format.

Embrace the harmonious fusion of artistry and innovation with Kawai's CN201 console piano.

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  • Progressive Harmonic Imaging Sound Technology
  • 88-note piano sampling
  • Improved Responsive Hammer III keyboard action
  • Ivory touch key surfaces, let-off, triple sensor, counterweights
  • 19 exceptional instrument sounds
  • Bluetooth® MIDI and Bluetooth Audio
  • Redesigned control panel
  • PianoRemote and PiaBookPlayer app compatibility for iOS and Android
  • Grand Feel Pedal System
  • Modernized key cover appearance

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  • Display: 128 x 128 pixel OLED
  • Output power: 40 W
  • Speakers: 12cm x 2
  • Metronome: 1/4, 2/4, 3/4, 4/4, 5/4, 3/8, 6/8
  • Connector jacks: Headphone & USB
  • Power: Cable & AC adaptor
  • Dimensions: 53 1/2" W x 16" D x 34" H
  • Weight: 95 lbs.

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Wall wart power supply - 90 day warranty.
Roller case - 90 day warranty.
Digital piano - one year warranty.

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