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Hand & Finger Exercisers

One of the most important things that a guitarist or bassist can do for their technique is build up strength in their hands and fingers - after all, finger flexibility is necessary in order to play barre chords, solos and scales. Whether you play classical guitar or have aspirations of being a shred master, there are plenty of hand and finger exercisers available to put you on the right path of your musical journey. From D'Addario and Gorilla Tips to Xtensor and Shredneck, these companies are dedicated to helping musicians reach their greatest potential and they all have hand and finger exercisers on this page.

If you're looking for a great way to build endurance in your hands, wrists and forearms, you'll love top sellers like The Grip Hand Trainer for Guitarists and the DR Strings Powerball Finger and Hand Strengthener. Not only will these accessories enhance your performance, but they're also a great way to relieve pre-concert stress. Another popular seller is the D'Addario Plant Waves Varigrip Hand Exerciser. Boasting an ergonomic design, this exerciser provides customized conditioning for individual fingers, as well as your entire hand. Its reversible molded grip even uncovers simulated strings to help you develop (or maintain) finger calluses.

One of the coolest hand and finger exercisers that have come along in recent years is from the Shredneck Company. The Shredneck is a portable practice tool that mimics the feel of a guitar's frets and strings; it was designed to give musicians the opportunity of practicing anywhere at any time (car, bush, train, work, even on the way to a gig). There are plenty of Shredneck choices here, including signature models from famous guitarists like Zakk Wylde and Jason Becker. There's even a 4-string Shredneck Bassneck that features a rosewood fingerboard, dot inlays and comes with thumb rest wings and a recessed finger-picking route between the 7th fret and nuts.

The more time you put into practicing your musical instrument, your hands and fingers will naturally become more accustomed to playing. But with the right hand and finger exercisers, your technique will improve a lot faster - and it's for this reason why anyone who is passionate about playing music will benefit from owning one (or more) of these terrific accessories. So go ahead and make your choice!