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The Shredneck Billy Sheehan Signature Model is a small, portable practice tool that provides the feel of a bass guitar, strings and frets. The headstock doubles as the body to provide a "balanced" feel. 

It allows players to warm up anytime a bass is not convenient-in a car, train, plane, at the office, before gigs, between sets, watching TV or in anticipation of playing.

Use the Shredneck to work on scales, patterns and techniques, practice chord fingerings and movements along with building and maintaining calluses.

While the Shredneck is strung for right-handed guitarists, it can be easily converted for left-handed players.

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  • Billy Sheehan Signature Design
  • 4-String Bass Model
  • Model Number – BNBS
  • 6 Frets Maple Fingerboard with Billy Sheehan Neck Side Inlays
  • White Pearl Pickguard Material on Headstock/Body
  • Thumb rest wings
  • Black Finish
  • Billy Sheehan Signature on Top
  • Chrome Hardware
  • Gig Bag included