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Evans Drum Heads

Evans 300 Snare Side Drum Head
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Coated or uncoated? Single-ply or double-ply? Resonant or batter? When it comes to drum heads, percussionists of all tastes and budgets have a seemingly endless range of choices - but more often than not, drummers count on Evans Drum Heads to bring their skills to the forefront. A pioneer of drum head manufacturing and design, Evans has been a leading manufacturer of heads since 1956. Today, they continue to do what they do best at their state-of-the-art facilities in Farmingdale, NY.

As soon as you begin browsing, you'll see quickly that Evans' drum head options are plentiful. For this reason, it's definitely in your best interest to consider your current budget, needs and preferences before making any quick decisions. There are plenty of individual drum heads here for tom-toms, kick drums, snares and even hand drums. If it's a bass drum head that you're after, check out a top seller like the EMAD 2 Clear Batter Bass Drum Head. This 2-ply head is very durable and it comes with damping rings so you can choose the amount of ring to enhance your low-end attack. Or, if it's a snare head that you want, turn your attention to the popular SD14 Genera HD Coated White Snare Head. Boasting a warm tone with dry sustain, this snare sounds incredible in both studio and live settings.

As for pre-packs, you'll love Evans' wide range of options here. In fact, many drummers who want to replace their tom heads often opt for pre-packs - need a suggestion? Go with the Black Chrome Tompack. From their 2-ply construction to their roll-over hoop technology, these heads were carefully engineered to ensure they last through countless hard-hitting performances. For a robust and punchy high tom sound and a clear articulate low tom sound, the Black Chrome Tompack is the way to go.

Considering that Wilco's Glenn Kotche, Santana's Dennis Chambers and Motorhead's Mikkey Dee are just some of the many famous drummers who endorse Evans' heads, it's pretty obvious that you're in the right place to improve your drum sound. Exploring this catalog alone is enough to make even the most veteran player excited to sit behind their kit. Whether you're an intricate jazz groove master or the long-haired heavy hitter of a black metal trio, Evans has the heads you need to deliver a powerful performance time and again.