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NEW! The Ernie Ball Axis Capo

Ernie Ball

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The Ernie Ball Axis Capo allows you to quickly and accurately change keys with a single hand. Featuring an innovative dual-radius design, this capo conforms perfectly to either flat or curved fretboards, ensuring buzz-free performance across all six or seven strings of both electric and acoustic guitars. The Axis Capo provides optimal clamping pressure and crisp, on-pitch tone all the way up the neck, wherever your inspiration may lead.

Precision-Molded Pads Protect Your Guitar

Take the Axis Capo on the road and trust its precision-molded rubber pads to shield your guitar's finish. Whether on stage or writing at home, this capo is built to last through every musical adventure.

Lightweight, Single-Handed Operation

The Axis Capo won't weigh down your guitar's neck. Its ergonomic design also allows for fast, accurate key changes using just one hand, so you can keep the other hand on the frets or make swift adjustments mid-song.

Works With Most Guitars

The Axis Capo's innovative dual-radius design and durable construction make it compatible with most six or seven-string electric and acoustic guitars, whether featuring a flat or curved fretboard. Wherever your playing takes you, the Axis Capo is sure to keep up.

Premium Construction Built to Last

Like all Ernie Ball products, the Axis Capo is built from durable materials designed to provide years of reliable use. Its rugged components are road-tested and tour-ready, able to withstand the rigors of everyday playing. The Axis Capo is an investment in premium gear that will keep pace with your musical growth and goals.

Ernie Ball Axis Capo Blue Steel

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm