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Epiphone Semi-Hollow and Hollow Body Electric Guitars

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Hollow and semi-hollow body guitars deliver a distinctively rich sound you just can't get anywhere else. They have a longstanding history that spans many genres, from jazz to blues, pop and folk. Epiphone has been a huge player in the market for these instruments from the beginning and, although it's now part of the Gibson family, Epiphone maintains its own line of archtop guitars. They're more accessible yet still high-quality so amateur and intermediate players can enjoy the same classic, warm tone that pros love. Epiphone semi-hollow and hollow body electric guitars are a solid option for any learning or working musician. Are you an avid blues player looking to add some authenticity and variety to your sound? If so, the Epiphone Blueshawk Deluxe Semi-Hollowbody Electric Guitar is a solid option. First introduced in the 1990s, this gorgeous guitar has a mahogany body with a contoured back, maple top and single-ply cream binding. It even features a Les Paul-style cutaway for easy fret access to enhance playability. Plus, the 6-position Rotary VariTone circuit helps you achieve a huge variety of tonal colors. When only a truly special guitar will do, the Epiphone Elitist 1965 Casino is the answer. This beautiful instrument stays true to the design of the original made famous by The Beatles, with its premium woods and retro Grover tuners. It's crafted at a special factory where it receives a high amount of hands-on attention, so it approaches custom shop perfection. These two examples are only a tiny taste of the variety this section has on offer. Artists as diverse and renowned as Paul McCartney, John Lennon and George Harrison of The Beatles to Tom DeLonge of Blink-182 and Angels and Airwaves have used or continue to use Epiphone semi-hollow and hollow body electric guitars to create their popular sounds. Even so, there's no need to rely on other artists' tastes: Epiphones are affordable enough for you to pick one up and try it for yourself.