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Brackets & Mounting Rings

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Brackets and mounting rings might not get as much attention as the pickups, but like every part of your guitar, they still have a critical role to play. Mounting rings are what keep your humbucker pickups secure and in place, but they also protect the wiring inside your guitar that leads up to the humbucker. For this reason, it's important to choose a high-quality mounting ring, and thankfully, respected pickup manufacturers like ProLine, DiMarzio and Gibson put as much effort into the craftsmanship of their rings as they do their pickups.

If you still can't decide where to begin your search, it's always a safe bet to start with a top-rated item, and for that we'll suggest the Gibson Bridge Pickup Mounting Ring. What you have here is a genuine Gibson replacement part; this ring is easy to install and fits Les Pauls perfectly. Or, if you have to replace two mounting rings, take a look at the ProLine Pickup Mounting Ring 2-Pack Cream. ProLine is well-known for their exceptional selection of guitar parts, and these pickups in particular are a treat on the eyes and very affordable.

Along with the mounting rings themselves, you'll also come across hardware kits that contain all the bolts and brackets you need to mount your pickups in their proper place. In fact, DiMarzio offers more than one kit for both single coil and humbucker pickups. Their Vintage Style Single Coil Mounting Hardware Kit features all the essential screws and springs to mount your pickup coil quickly and effortlessly. The same can be said for the DiMarzio Humbucker Mounting Hardware Kit. Offering both bridge and neck position options, this kit includes 2 height adjustment screws, 2 height springs and 4 mounting screws for your humbucker pickup.

So what else is there left to say besides browse away! These brackets and mounting rings are crafted, tried and tested to ensure they do exactly what they were meant to do, so go ahead and make your choice. Whether you're building a guitar from scratch or simply making a replacement to your current mounting ring, any one of the choices here will make a great addition to your axe.