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Yamaha Keyboard Accessories & Parts

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Yamaha is championed worldwide for the playability and pristine sound quality of their keyboards. But did you know that they're also highly praised for their superb range of keyboard accessories? It's true, and within this section, you'll find an impressive array of products to choose from, all specifically designed to make your Yamaha keyboard experience even more enjoyable. Whether you're a novice player or an accomplished live performer, Yamaha strives to inspire musicians of all skill levels and playing styles with exceptional musical instruments and accessories. When you're ready to take your keyboard talents to the next level, you'll find everything you need right here in this selection of options. From sustain and volume pedals to memory expansion modules and even benches, there's no telling how far you can go as a performer when you have Yamaha keyboard accessories to aid you along the way. For an essential add-on to your Yamaha keyboard or DG Series amp, check out the Yamaha FC7 volume pedal. Consisting of a fortissimo function that allows you to accent various parts of your performance, this heavy-duty volume controller also contains an adjustable pedal angel, and a metal connection plate for multiple-pedal ganging. Another popular item is the Yamaha FL512 flash memory expansion module. By integrating this extraordinary device into your routine, you can store your own waveforms and samples onto non-volatile memory. In fact, even after your instrument is turned off, your waveform and sample data stays retained. Simply put, the Yamaha FL512 will give you a seemingly infinite spectrum of tonal possibilities. Learning how to play an instrument takes time and dedication. But as any professional musician will tell you, honing your craft feels effortless when you're enjoying every moment of the journey. For this reason, including Yamaha keyboard accessories into your keyboard performance is a tremendous way to spark new creative concepts, as well as improve your technique.