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Yamaha's FC7 Volume Pedal gives guitarists and other instrumentalists an innovative way to shape their tone during live performances or studio recordings. The FC7 is a heavy-duty foot controller with a fortissimo function allowing performers to accent specific parts of a song for dramatic effect. Its fully adjustable pedal angle, spring point and metal connecting plate for linking multiple pedals provide customized control for any playing style. Compatible with Yamaha's DG series amplifiers, the FC7 Volume Pedal puts precision volume management at your feet.

Fortissimo Function for Impactful Accents

The FC7's signature fortissimo function makes it easy to punctuate your performance with volume swells or spikes on demand. Simply rock forward on the pedal to temporarily increase your volume for as long as you like. Release the pedal to smoothly return to your previous volume level. This intuitive feature gives guitarists, violinists and other musicians a simple way to add dynamics and passion to their playing.

Highly Adjustable Design for Personalized Use

Yamaha designed the FC7 Volume Pedal to suit any player's needs. Adjust the pedal angle over a range of 20 to 60 degrees for maximum comfort. Fine-tune the spring point to your liking for more or less pedal resistance. The metal connecting plate allows linking multiple FC7 pedals together, so you can control the volume of different instruments or amplifiers at once. These customizable features make the FC7 an ideal volume solution for any setup.

Rugged Construction for Reliable Performance

Yamaha built the FC7 Volume Pedal to handle the demands of live use and frequent travel. Its heavy-duty metal chassis and components provide a stable base for the foot pedal and ensure consistent volume control at every show. The pedal itself features a durable, slip-resistant surface so your foot won't slide around during intense performances. Overall, the FC7 is a road-ready volume pedal designed to deliver accurate control for years to come.

Yamaha FC7 Volume Pedal
Yamaha FC7 Volume Pedal
Yamaha FC7 Volume Pedal

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  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Fortissimo function
  • Adjustable pedal angle
  • Spring point adjustment
  • Metal connection plate for multiple-pedal ganging
  • 5' cable
  • Single 1/4" TRS plug

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