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The Warburton Size 8 Gold Trumpet and Cornet Mouthpiece Tops feature a .620-inch inner diameter and a 1.050-inch outside diameter. The Gold material offers excellent feel for players that prefer a slightly more slippery surface for easy flexibility or that might have a reaction to regular mouthpiece materials on sensitive skin.

The Size 8 mouthpieces feature nine cup designs to offer the player the most efficient mouthpiece with which to perform in any given playing situation. The ESV, ES, S, SV or M cups are an excellent choice for the player looking for a studio lead trumpet sound. The S, SV or M cups work well for a piccolo trumpet sound. The M, MC or MD cups work well for a brass quintet sound. The MC, MD, D or XD cups are designed for an orchestral sound.

Once the desired cup is found, it can be combined with a Warburton Trumpet Backbore (sold separately) to best balance the sound and resistance of the mouthpiece and allow the player to fine tune their sound.The Warburton Gold Trumpet and Cornet Mouthpiece Tops are arranged in a progression from large to small in ascending numerical order.
Warburton Size 8 Series Trumpet and Cornet Mouthpiece Top in Gold 8XD Gold

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Available cup styles: 8ES, 8MC, 8M, 8ESV, 8S, 8XD, 8MD, 8D, and 8SV