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Trumpet Mouthpieces

Faxx Trumpet Mouthpieces
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While the quality of the instrument you're performing with will play the most important role in how much you enjoy your musical experience, no trumpeter would deny the significance of their mouthpiece. Thankfully, finding a mouthpiece that's a perfect balance of easy playability, incredible tone and exceptional projection is easier than you think. Just look through the options in this catalog and it will become apparent to you quickly that today's top mouthpiece manufacturers specialize in a wide range of models for every budget and skill level. So how can you know what mouthpiece is right for you? Ultimately, it will boil down to lip thickness and your embouchure formation - but for beginners, two things to definitely consider are cup depth and cup diameter. Deeper cups have a dark tone while shallow cups make it easier to hit higher notes. As for cup diameter, a wider one will have a stronger impact over a larger area but will require stronger facial muscles to play. Of course, going with a top seller is always a safe bet, and the Marcinkiewicz Signature Series Trumpet Mouthpieces are amongst the most popular on today's market. These mouthpieces are made to each player's specifications and are numbered by cup depth from deep to shallow. Famous lead trumpeter Scott Englebright has went on record as saying that these mouthpieces are "the best thing I've put to my chops" - with praise like that, you better believe you're in for a treat. Another well-known mouthpiece brand is Parduba, and their Trumpet Mouthpiece Series is also highly regarded. What you have here are faithful reissues of the classic Parduba double cup trumpet mouthpieces. With inner diameters ranging from 3 to 8 (smallest to largest), each mouthpiece in this series is crafted with careful attention to even the smallest detail. Whether you're a solo performer or part of an ensemble, the Parduba Trumpet Mouthpiece Series has something for you. From Warburton and Stork to Bob Reeves and Jet Tone, these brands have earned themselves solid reputations amongst countless professional jazz and classical trumpeters, and they can all be found here. Since every trumpeter has their own unique technique and physical characteristics, you might want to try different mouthpiece models to see what you feel most comfortable with - and as you can see, this section has plenty to choose from.