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The NINO Wood Frog Guiro brings a delightful croak to your music room. Hand-carved from solid wood, this guiro is shaped just like a frog with textured ridges along its back. Running the included wooden scraper over those ridges makes a realistic "ribbit" sound. Kids will love playing this whimsical instrument that has a warm, mellow tone. Included with the Frog Guiro is a wooden scraper that enables crisp, consistent ribbiting.

Ribbit Along With a Realistic Frog Sound

Dragging the wooden scraper over the ribbed back of the NINO Frog Guiro results in a charming "ribbit" sound, just like a real frog. The hollow wooden body resonates with each ribbit, adding warmth and character. Kids will delight in playing this fun instrument. The NINO Frog Guiro makes a fantastic introductory instrument for little ones getting excited about music.

Crafted From Hand-Carved Solid Wood

Each NINO Frog Guiro is carefully hand-carved from a solid block of wood. This hands-on approach results in a high quality, durable instrument. The sanded wooden surface feels smooth and comfortable and lends to a rich, organic tone. The charming design will inspire kids to pick it up and start playing.

Nino Wood Frog Guiro Large
Nino Wood Frog Guiro Large
Nino Wood Frog Guiro Large

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm