The Meinl Classics Custom Dark Trash Splash features symmetrical holes throughout that deliver a sudden explosive splash effect, with even faster decay than a standard splash. The overall tone is dark, warm and rich, providing an effect that gets in, does its job and gets out of the way.

Classics Custom Dark cymbals undergo a special finishing process that leaves the cymbals with dark and complex tones along with the clarity, cut and volume that Classics Custom is known to deliver. This same unique twist on the traditional design gives the cymbals a rich, dark appearance. Widely spaced deep hammering and additional lathing round out their tonal qualities, giving them a warmer mix of sound along with an explosive response.
  • 12" splash with drilled holes
  • Dark, warm and complex tone with explosive response
  • Widely spaced deep hammering and lathing
  • Rapid decay
One year replacement, parts, and labor warranty on all percussion products.

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