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Gator GKB Nylon Keyboard Gig Bag
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Keyboards are not the easiest instruments to move from place to place - especially not if they're full-width 88-key models - and that's all the more reason to invest in the gear you need to make it easier. Even if your keyboard is staying put, it's still worthwhile to protect it from unforeseen scratches, bumps and spills. For either situation, you'll find the best accessories to get the job done within this selection of keyboard gig bags and covers. They're designed to safeguard your valuable instrument from all the little things that can happen even when you handle it with care, so you'll have peace of mind knowing it's in good hands when you're not playing it.

A good keyboard gig bag is more than just a protective layer around the instrument; it also adds a lot of utility. Look at the Road Runner Keyboard Bag and the Gator GKB Nylon Keyboard Gig Bag for example: these two bags are top sellers thanks to their versatility, and they're loaded with straps and handles to make the keyboard a cinch to carry. There are also spacious pockets ready to hold pedals, sheet music and other accessories. Need to transport a really big keyboard? No sweat - just check out the largest gig bags in the lineup, like the Musician's Gear 88-Key Keyboard Gig Bag and the Road Runner RR Xpress Keyboard Porter Sm88.

Of course, you don't have to be travelling to want a little protection for your keyboard. For basic day-to-day use, the easiest solution is a lightweight cover that you can slip over the board without even taking it off its stand. These come in different sizes and usually stretch to fit, so it's easy to find a cover that will suit your keyboard no matter the style and brand you own. For instance, the Road Runner Small Keyboard Cover 25 and 37-key works nicely for compact instruments, and you can upsize to something like the Musician's Gear 61 and 76 Key Stretchy Keyboard Cover for mid-sized models or the Gator 88 Key Stretchy Keyboard Cover for the largest ones. These will keep dust and spills away, so your keyboard can stay looking and playing like new.

If you've just gotten your first keyboard, don't hesitate to gear up with gig bags and covers. They're an important part of keeping the instrument in good shape, and that's especially important if you need to travel with it for lessons or shows. If you're an experienced performer, you probably already know all about the role played by keyboard gig bags and covers, so there's no point waiting around - go ahead and take a look through all the options in this section and you're sure to find the perfect fit for your keyboard.