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Intermediate Tenor Trombones

Your tenor trombone is an extension of your talent, so you deserve an instrument that plays well and sounds even better. If you've mastered the basics, an intermediate tenor trombone offers a fantastic way to show off your skills. These instruments are made with advanced musicians in mind and are a step up from a student-level horn. And with all the intermediate tenor trombones available in this section, you'll have no trouble choosing the perfect instrument to join you on the next step of your musical journey.

Let's kick things off by looking at one of the newer developments in intermediate tenor trombones - plastic instruments. These trombones are lightweight, durable, portable and affordable: basically everything a travelling trombonist would ever want in an instrument. The Allora ATB100 Aere Series Plastic Trombone is a fantastic example of this innovative craftsmanship. It's made of super-resilient, toughened ABS plastic and sounds remarkably similar to a traditional brass trombone. A low-cost alternative to a high-end brass instrument, the Allora ATB100 is a great option for advanced student musicians and trombonists who want to try something new and fun.

If you're a trombonist who loves the look, feel and sound of a perfectly polished brass tenor trombone, feast your eyes on the Jupiter Intermediate Bb Trombone. Its pro features include a .525" bore, an 8.1" bell and a nickel silver outer slide. This instrument is more than enough horn to get to get you through your most challenging lessons, whether you're a high school student, collegiate band member or beyond.

You don't have to be a trombonist in the New York Symphony Orchestra to justify the purchase of a well-made horn. The bottom line is that every trombonist should play an instrument that makes their sound shine. So whether you're looking to upgrade your beginner instrument, to add another horn to your regular rotation, or to satisfy your curiosity about plastic trombones, you can find exactly what you're looking for in this selection of intermediate tenor trombones.