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When it comes to being a great musician, practice really does make perfect. Of course, becoming more knowledgeable of your instrument and of your favorite musical genre shouldn't feel like a chore - it should be enjoyed. With that in mind, any one of the games in this catalog is a great way to test your musical expertise, learn more about your instrument of choice, or simply celebrate your favorite musical group. In these pages you'll find everything from jigsaw puzzles and playing cards to music history board games and even titles for your Xbox 360. Whatever game catches your eye in this section, you'll be blown away by how much effort went into its creation. Companies like BandFuse, Alfred and Music Sales are well known among music educators for their different ways of making learning about music fun. Just take a look at the Alfred Rock Science Drum Channel Game. Gather 2-6 of your friends for this challenging game, and together you'll celebrate the music of the greatest drummers of all time, as well as the history of drums themselves. Each player will answer questions about drummer anecdotes, myths, legendary albums and more. Now for all you fans of playing cards, there are plenty of top-selling decks here. Whether you're a fan of Rush, AC/DC, Elvis Presley, Pink Floyd or Genesis, each of these bands are represented here in playing card sets that are filled with various images ranging from classic album art to iconic live photos. In fact, the same can be said for puzzle enthusiasts; Hal Leonard offers challenging and colorful puzzles from the likes of The Beatles, Kiss, and even different Fender Guitar shapes. When you get right down to it, these games are made for anyone who has a passion for all things music. There's simply too many terrific choices to mention here all at once, so by all means start browsing the rest of your options. These games are a great way to fill out the rest of your day when you're not in the jam room honing your craft or on the concert stage entertaining your fans.