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The Ernie Ball Sharp Prodigy Picks features highly durable Delrin thermoplastic material for secure, non-slip grip. The machined beveled edge and sharp point facilitate effortless strumming and picking with lightning speed and accuracy. Available in a convenient 6-pack, these 2.0mm picks are ideal for lead guitarists and shredders looking to achieve new levels of control and output. Now available at , the Ernie Ball Sharp Prodigy Picks are a must-have for any serious guitarist.

Ultra-Durable Delrin Material

Constructed from long-lasting Delrin, a high-performance thermoplastic, the Sharp Prodigy Picks provide consistent tone and all-night playing security. The non-slip material allows for a firm grip to pick harder and faster without slipping or breaking. Delrin's durability also ensures these picks will last through many performances without showing signs of wear.

Beveled Edge for Effortless Playability

The precisely machined beveled edge of the Sharp Prodigy Picks allows for smooth, drag-free strumming and picking. The bevel guides the pick over the strings with minimal resistance, enabling faster playing with more articulation and control. The beveled edge also provides comfort, as it glides over the fingertips during extended practice sessions and performances.

Ultra-Sharp Point for Accuracy

The ultra-sharp point of the 2.0mm Sharp Prodigy Picks provides a clean attack for precise articulation. The sharp tip yields lightning-fast speed and accuracy for intricate solos and riffs. The point allows for surgical precision when picking individual notes at breakneck tempos during lead play.

Available in Multiple Gages and Shapes

In addition to the 2.0mm Sharp shape, Ernie Ball Prodigy Picks are available in 1.5mm and 2.0mm gauges and various shapes including Standard, Mini, Teardrop, Shield and Large Shield. This variety allows guitarists to choose the perfect pick based on their playing style, technique, and sonic preferences.

Ernie Ball Sharp Prodigy Picks 6-Packs 2.0 mm 6 Pack
Ernie Ball Sharp Prodigy Picks 6-Packs 2.0 mm 6 Pack

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm