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Electric Violins

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The traditional violin as we know it dates back many centuries, but it was in the 1920's that musicians began to experiment with electrically amplifying their violins. America jazz artist Stuff Smith who played with Charlie Parker, Dizzy Gillespie and Nat King Cole among others is credited with being the first violinist to use amp techniques. Today musicians play the electric violin in numerous genres such as contemporary classical, rock, metal, country, jazz and more. Groups like the Electric Light Orchestra and the Dave Mathews Band have created their distinct sounds with the electric violin. If you want your music to project further and make a dramatic impact on stage, try one of the options available here. World renowned violinist Mark Wood has exciting models that enhance your playing experience and showmanship. Wood violins are played by artists such as Jimmy Herman with Carrie Underwood and Judy Kang with Lady Gaga.

If you've been toying with the idea of an electric violin to add some punch to your performance, the Wood Stingray SV Series Electric Violin sounds as fantastic as it looks. You'll enjoy playing the Stingray because of its ergonomic design and excellent tone. The Wood Violins 6-String Viper Fretted Electric Violin is another ultra-modern design. You'll love the freedom it gives you during shows thanks to its revolutionary patented chest support system. If you like to experiment, you can use pedals and effects to explore distortion, sustain and feedback as well. You can play violin, viola, cello and bass parts all on this one incredibly versatile stringed instrument! If you're going for a true violin sound when you plug into your amp, there's the Boulder Creek SC3B Acoustic-Electric Violin Amber Brown 4/4. Beautifully crafted of carved spruce and flamed maple, it offers a traditional design with the modern feature of a built-in pickup with volume control for authentic tone. You love the expressive quality of the violin, so imagine the emotions your music will evoke when you play with the aid of amplification. If you're a violinist who wants to take your showmanship to the next level, these innovative, versatile and powerful electric violins will help you get there.