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The Dunlop Solid Brass Guitar Slide Medium Wall Medium is a professional-grade slide crafted for emotive slide guitar playing. Featuring a medium wall thickness and diameter, this brass slide provides a warm, resonant tone and comfortable fit. Made in the USA, Dunlop's iconic 222 brass slide has been a staple for years thanks to its rich tone and balanced weight.

Robust Brass Construction

The Dunlop Solid Brass Guitar Slide is precision-machined from solid brass, a material prized for its musicality and sustain. The medium wall thickness and diameter provide rigidity and a comfortable fit for most players. Brass' density helps produce a bold, singing tone with rich overtones.

Versatile and Expressive

The Dunlop Solid Brass Guitar Slide opens up a world of expressive slide guitar playing. Its medium size suits a variety of guitar styles from blues to rock to country. The brass material helps coax emotive tones from acoustic and electric guitars alike.

A Legacy of Quality

For decades, Dunlop has been a leader in guitar accessories. Their iconic brass slides have been used by top players worldwide thanks to their premium quality, musicality and comfort. The Dunlop Solid Brass Guitar Slide continues this legacy of excellence for today's slide guitarists.

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